What do I Wear to a Photo Shoot?

It’s time for your senior pictures! You may be asking, what do I wear? What do I bring? Well, don’t worry, because we are here with a Senior Photo Shoot style guide!

Follow the tips below to get the most out of your Senior photos!

Keep your outfits visually simple
Solid colors and simple patterns look best on camera! Avoid busy patterns and large logos or words. Textured fabrics such as cotton and wool are great options, stay away from silks or satin.

Have an outfit plan
Your number of outfit changes will depend on which session you choose. Always plan out your outfits ahead of time and bring extra ones! You may change your mind once you see the backgrounds and sets in person.

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Don’t be afraid to be diverse with your outfits
You may be tempted to just bring your favorite everyday outfits, but be sure to bring something a little dressier. Variety is key!

Apply your makeup normally
Powder, eyeshadow or lipstick with glitter or shine may cause a reflection from the flash so try to stick to matte finishes. Matte powder is your friend! Bring it with you even if you did your makeup, you may need to reapply to avoid shine.

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Stick with hairstyles you know
Your hair needs to be styled in a way that you are comfortable with, so don’t try a new hairstyle for your shoot. If you need to get your haircut, try to go at least a week in advance to give your hair time to adjust and look normal.

Pay attention to details
Check your nails for chipped polish and go with simple colors that won’t distract from your outfits. Try to avoid going out in the sun for long periods of time right before your shoot. Nobody wants sunburns or tan lines in their senior pictures!


Hats, belts, jewelry, shoes, props… these items can be very important. They help show off your personality and make your photos all about you!

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Photo Friendly Makeup

Your senior photo session is right around the corner. Still thinking about how you are going to do your makeup? Here are some helpful tips on how to hide blemishes and create the perfect look for your photo shoot!


Use Primer!

Using primer before applying your makeup will prevent it from melting and fading before or during the photo shoot. Be sure to steer clear of SPF containing products. This is simply because SPF is not photo-friendly. Whether you are wearing a foundation with SPF or a cream, it is possible for it to be reflected by the camera flash.

Shine or Matte?

Shine is not very photo friendly. It would be best to stick with the matte look. It can be achieved with loose powder over the foundation. Matte eye shadows also look great in photos.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add More Color!

It is great to add color to your look. Try putting just a bit more color into your makeup. It will make you look great in the photos. However, do not overdo your makeup! (You don’t want to end up looking gaudy!) Oh, and please don’t forget about lip color!

Hide Blemishes But Don’t Over Do It!

We all get little blemishes. It is definitely a good idea to try applying even coverage, especially for your photo session. But don’t get too carried away! All of our packages include retouching. Our retouch artists will make sure you look flawless regardless of how much makeup you apply!