What do I Wear to a Photo Shoot?

It’s time for your senior pictures! You may be asking, what do I wear? What do I bring? Well, don’t worry, because we are here with a Senior Photo Shoot style guide!

Follow the tips below to get the most out of your Senior photos!

Keep your outfits visually simple
Solid colors and simple patterns look best on camera! Avoid busy patterns and large logos or words. Textured fabrics such as cotton and wool are great options, stay away from silks or satin.

Have an outfit plan
Your number of outfit changes will depend on which session you choose. Always plan out your outfits ahead of time and bring extra ones! You may change your mind once you see the backgrounds and sets in person.

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Don’t be afraid to be diverse with your outfits
You may be tempted to just bring your favorite everyday outfits, but be sure to bring something a little dressier. Variety is key!

Apply your makeup normally
Powder, eyeshadow or lipstick with glitter or shine may cause a reflection from the flash so try to stick to matte finishes. Matte powder is your friend! Bring it with you even if you did your makeup, you may need to reapply to avoid shine.

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Stick with hairstyles you know
Your hair needs to be styled in a way that you are comfortable with, so don’t try a new hairstyle for your shoot. If you need to get your haircut, try to go at least a week in advance to give your hair time to adjust and look normal.

Pay attention to details
Check your nails for chipped polish and go with simple colors that won’t distract from your outfits. Try to avoid going out in the sun for long periods of time right before your shoot. Nobody wants sunburns or tan lines in their senior pictures!


Hats, belts, jewelry, shoes, props… these items can be very important. They help show off your personality and make your photos all about you!

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Senior Spotlight: Antonio

Antonio F131504-592Antonio has big dreams. He wants to attend Florida International to study Architecture, get his masters, and work for a firm. He even wants to eventually work towards his doctorate and become a professor. He told us that when he first came to Florida, his grades weren’t great, but he persevered and worked on time management and is now one of the top in his class. Antonio told us “The most important teacher I ever had was Sra. Ramos, my Spanish teacher. She taught me to work hard for what I want.” She must have been very influential since after he graduates, he is most looking forward to “Learning to be an independent adult and focusing on my career as an architect.” Good luck Antonio, you’ll do great things!

Senior Spotlight: Natalia

Natalia is very involved in her school. She in the top of her class, part of National Honor Society, and the president of Spanish Honor Society on op of participating in community service projects. One of the things that seems to define Natalia is her work with All Creatures Animal Clinic. She not only dedicates her time, but is even aspiring to be a veterinarian. She even lists the lead vet at the clinic, Dr. Latter, as one of her biggest inspirations. When asked if Natalia felt a picture is worth a thousand words, she said “Yes. It is the one thing that many people can look at and feel or think something completely different which makes it that much more beautiful and interesting.” We wish you lots of luck in your senior year, Natalia!

Natalia F141470-190

Senior Spotlight: Briana

Briana F131390-467Briana of Timber Creek High School is very involved. Not only will she graduate with A B Honors, but she participates in Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Color Guard, Spanish Honor Society, Hispanic Club, and Psychology Club. Along those same lines, she wants to go to college to study Psychology and become a counselor. Her interests aren’t just academic! Briana lists Gustav Klimt as her favorite artist, The Great Gatsby as her favorite read, and even dances Flamenco! Not only is she proud of her accomplishments, but she is proud of heritage. She is half Puerto Rican and half Guyanese!

Someone so driven must derive her inspiration from somewhere. Briana says “My sister is a great inspiration to me. She works hard and I admire her focus and perseverance. She is great at everything.” We are so proud of you Briana and know you’ll do great things!