Senior Spotlight: Jordan

Our Senior Spotlight this week is Jordan from West Orange High School. Jordan participates in Bowling and Woodshop at school and volunteers at the Mosaic JordanKelleyWM.jpgChurch youth group in her spare time.

Jordan’s aspirations after graduating High School are very unique. She would like to attend Lake Sumter State College in Clermont where she plans to study Business Management. The unique twist to Jordan’s career plans is the fact that she would like to use her Business Management Degree to own her own aerial arts studio. She would like to become a professional aerialist. She also told us she hopes to be in professional shows such as Cirque Du Soleil or Le Reve in Las Vegas.

When we asked Jordan who the most influential person in her life was, she told us “I really look up to my aerial teacher Ms.Jen. She loves working with people and is nice to everyone”.

Good luck with everything Jordan! Make sure to let us know when you make it big with your aerial arts dreams and remember to enjoy the rest of your Senior year!


Senior Spotlight: Andrew

Andrew from Trinity Prep is our Senior Spotlight this week! He is an honor roll student andAndrewIlemskyWM.jpg he received a letter in Varsity baseball. He also participates in the Blue and Gold Society Key Club at school. Andrew also spent time volunteering at ORMC as a care ambassador.

Upon graduating he plans to study Chemistry as an undergrad and then would like to go to medical school but first he would like to go into the Navy and is looking forward to the opportunity to be able to fly helicopters while serving.

Andrew plays the drums and is also moderately fluent in spanish.He also told us his dream car is a Ferrari 458 and his favorite movie The Bourne Identity.

When asked who the most influential person in his life is, he told us “In 8th grade my civics teacher was also one of my soccer coaches and he showed me how much I love to follow current events and politics”.

It sounds like you have a great plan for your future Andrew! Enjoy the rest of your Senior year!!

Senior Spotlight: Sydney

SydneyBradfordWM.jpgThis week’s Senior Spotlight is Sydney from Bartow Senior High School. Sydney has an interest in cooking and has participated in her school’s prostart culinary competition as well as volunteering at bake sales. She also volunteered at the BARC Festival.

Her plans after graduating are to go to either UF or Penn State where she will study veterinary medicine. Becoming a Veterinarian is her main career goal but she would like to possibly join the culinary industry upon retiring.

We asked Sydney how her work experience has helped her in life and she told us, “It has helped me mature more and showed me parts of being an adult such as saving money and learning what I need and don’t need”.

Sydney we hope you achieve everything you plan to do and wish you the best of luck in your veterinary medicine studies! Keep up the cooking as well! Have a great rest of your Senior year!



Senior Spotlight: Kaitlin

Our Senior Spotlight this week is Kaitlin. Kaitlin attends Fort Pierce Central High SchoolKaitlinKrallackWM.jpg and is graduating in the Top 10 of her class!

Along with her school accomplishments, she has worked jobs such as tutoring, babysitting, lawn care and was also employed at Publix. She told us these work experiences have helped her become more patient and have also taught her work ethic. On top of that, she has also volunteered over 100 hours in a vet clinic. Kaitlin plans to attend FAU Honors College and would like to become an Anesthesiologist.

We also learned several interesting facts about Kaitlin. She dislikes soda and is scared of the dark. She also told us one of her most challenging undertakings in school was the time a teacher had the students handwrite an entire textbook as a homework assignment. She knew she had to do it despite the difficulty because she wanted to ensure she got an A in the class.

Kaitlin we wish you the best of luck with the rest of your Senior year and all of your future plans!


Senior Spotlight: Maya

mayacoultonwmMaya is a senior at Edgewater High School. She is actively involved in Chorus and Dance. Not only will she be graduating this year with her High School Diploma, she will also be a licensed Esthetician!

As we all remember, earlier this year a terrible tragedy occurred in Orlando. Maya volunteered her time to help with community grief care for those affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting.

After graduating, Maya would like to attend Stetson University where she plans to study pre-med.

Her talents don’t stop at singing, dance and volunteer work, she also knows four languages which include English, Spanish, French and American Sign Language!

When asked who her most inspirational person in her life was, Maya told us, “My Grandpa, he showed me what unconditional love really is and how to work hard”. We can clearly see those values your Grandpa taught you have stuck with you Maya!

Have a great Senior year!!

Senior Spotlight: Darcia

Darcia from Fort Pierce Central is this week’s Senior Spotlight! She is graduating with honors. Darcia told us she loves learning and DarciaBronsonWM.jpgenjoys working on art projects for school performances as well as roller skating in her spare time.

As far as plans after graduating, she hopes to attend Rollins or UCF and would like to study psychology & sociology. Darcia would like to become a therapist so that she can work with Autistic children. The inspiration for this career path and the decision to work with autistic children came from her twin nieces who are autistic. She told us she is looking forward to “helping them adapt to modern life experiences”.

When asked who the most influential person in her life is, Darcia told us, “my sister Sierra is my roll model in life. She helps me balance the work and fun aspects of my life”.

We hope you are enjoying your senior year Darcia and wish you the best of luck!



Senior Spotlight: JackLynn

JackLynnGoreWM.jpgOur Senior Spotlight this week is JackLynn from East River HS. There is not much this outgoing student doesn’t do. She is involved in many school activities such as, Athletic Training, FFA, BETA, NHS, NTHS, Wrestling, Track, APEX, French Honor Society, CREW and more! JackLynn has also earned over 100 community service hours with a PTA Chapter at her previous elementary school and helped out in a Summer Sports Medicine program and spent time at an Orthopedic Sports Medicine office.

On top of all of her school activities and volunteer work, she also currently works as an office assistant for a local contractor which she told us has taught her organizational skills and responsibility.

JackLynn also has an interesting and unique hobby. She told us she has been scuba diving since she was 10 years old!

Her aspirations after graduating are just as high as her current endeavors. Plans include attending college to study Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy. Her focus will be to obtain her Doctoral of Physical Therapy which she hopes to use by working for the Department of Veterans. She would like to work with returning service men and women who are in need of physical therapy.

We learned that that there are three people who JackLynn credits for inspiring her and leading her to choose the career path of Physical Therapy. She has a brother who tore his ACL playing High School football which initially sparked her interest in sports medicine. She also credits her mom and Mr. Mirocha (Athletic Training Advisor) for being two of the most influential people in her life. She told us, “My mother has always pushed me to reach for the stars and beyond; no matter how much I fought her. Mr.Mirocha sparked my interest in medicine and pushed me to go outside of my comfort zones”.

JackLynn you are obviously a very driven and talented student and we are sure you will succeed on the path to pursuing a career in Physical Therapy! Good luck in all that you do!




Senior Spotlight: Michaela

This week’s Senior Spotlight is Michaela, from Eamichaeladizneywmst River High School. Michaela participates in several school activities such as theater, Improv and National Honors Society. She has also volunteered at the Indie Book Festival.

After she graduates High School, she plans to go to Rollins College to study Theater and Film. She told us ” I’d love to see myself directing either on Broadway or on a move set. It’s a tough business for women to get in to and I want to prove that women can be amazing”. Michaela has been in theater since she was eight years old and is very passionate about the field.

Another interesting thing Michaela told us is that her sister, Rachael, has been her biggest inspiration. She said, “Rachael has inspired me by how strong and brave she is. She’s always by my side whether I’m up or down. Plus she’s been a hard-worker and I aspire to be like her”.

Along with going to college, she also mentioned that after graduating, she is most looking forward to traveling and hopes to go all over the world and volunteer.

Michaela, we love how inspired and driven you are! Let us know once you make it big on Broadway or in Film! We look forward to seeing what great things you do. 🙂

Senior Spotlight: Amanda

Amanda F151406-46We have another Senior Spotlight! Amanda is part of National Honor Society and National English Honor Society, DECA, basketball, and bowling. She says she is a strong communicator, which compliments her goal of being in the Marketing field after high school. Not only is she a hard worker with solid goals, but she is compassionate. She attributes some of that to Miss Farris, her teacher, who taught Amanda about worldwide unity and peace. We wanted to know what else made her so driven to work hard and she said “When my stepdad became a quadriplegic during my sophomore year. I persevered by maintaining a high GPA while helping my mom take care of my brothers.” You are so inspiring Amanda, we wish you the best of luck!

College: Just a Decision that Can Impact Your Entire Life…

Well Seniors, this one is for you. You’re at a scary point where you are forced to decide what to do with the rest of your lives. The pressure is on, everyone asks you what your plans are after graduation. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Stay in state or leave? The questions seem never-ending as does the pressure. Here is the good news from a fellow worrier: It’s not that serious.  You’re going to make mistakes along the way, it is to be expected when planning the next four years of your life. I’m here to offer some pearls of wisdom as you plan the next step (Disclaimer: These are completely based on experience)!

1) It’s okay to not have it all figured out. Look, I know you have the pressure to go to college and know what you are doing, but that also takes time. Apply to a lot of colleges, both near and far, and see what happens! Or, if you think the military or some time off is more your route, that is okay too! There isn’t shame in that, just start forming some sort of plan that gives you options for your future.

what to do

2) It’s okay to get rejected.  You could have a perfect school in mind. It’s the place for you, you just need to be accepted! And then, you don’t…Guess what? It’s okay! That means it just wasn’t meant to be. I transferred at the end of rejectionmy freshman year back to a state school in Vermont. While in high school, I SWORE I wouldn’t go to a state school and it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. The truth is, you’ll get an education no matter where you go, so make the most of it!

3)It’s okay to have your own plan. Say you do get in to your “dream” school, or the school where your parents and grandparents all went, but you wake up and realize you don’t want to be there. As scary and pressure filled as that seems, it is okay to go your own way. The thing about college is it’s the first decision you get to really make for yourself. It starts prepping you for the myriad decisions you’ll have to  make about your life from here on out. Go with what feels right!

own way

4) It’s okay to have no plan. Everyone will ask you what you want to study, and many of you will have an idea, which is great! But it doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do. I declared majors three times before finding the right one for me. When I found it, all things just clicked. When you have to take worried futureclasses that all focus on one study of education, you’ll know if you want it or not. That doesn’t mean they will be easy for you, but if you like what you’re learning and you see the benefits of working hard, you’ve probably chosen the right thing. It isn’t that you don’t have a plan, you just don’t have a plan YET.

5) It’s okay to make some mistakes. The final thing to remember is its okay to admit you chose the wrong major  or even the wrong college! You can declare a different major and you can transfer schools. Of course that would be a process, but it isn’t insurmountable. Mistakes are how we all learn, and forcing yourself to stay in a major or college that isn’t for you only makes it worse for you in the end. So don’t run away scared, it will come together, I promise.

no plan

Remember seniors, college will be hard and it will be scary, but it will also be amazing. You’ll study the subjects you want and meet people who are so much like you, you never even knew it was possible. Once you get through the hard part of deciding and leaving, it gets better!

Have any of you applied? Had a hard time? Can’t decide where to  go? Let us know! We love to discuss!