What do I Wear to a Photo Shoot?

It’s time for your senior pictures! You may be asking, what do I wear? What do I bring? Well, don’t worry, because we are here with a Senior Photo Shoot style guide!

Follow the tips below to get the most out of your Senior photos!

Keep your outfits visually simple
Solid colors and simple patterns look best on camera! Avoid busy patterns and large logos or words. Textured fabrics such as cotton and wool are great options, stay away from silks or satin.

Have an outfit plan
Your number of outfit changes will depend on which session you choose. Always plan out your outfits ahead of time and bring extra ones! You may change your mind once you see the backgrounds and sets in person.

giphy (1)

Don’t be afraid to be diverse with your outfits
You may be tempted to just bring your favorite everyday outfits, but be sure to bring something a little dressier. Variety is key!

Apply your makeup normally
Powder, eyeshadow or lipstick with glitter or shine may cause a reflection from the flash so try to stick to matte finishes. Matte powder is your friend! Bring it with you even if you did your makeup, you may need to reapply to avoid shine.

giphy-downsized (2)

Stick with hairstyles you know
Your hair needs to be styled in a way that you are comfortable with, so don’t try a new hairstyle for your shoot. If you need to get your haircut, try to go at least a week in advance to give your hair time to adjust and look normal.

Pay attention to details
Check your nails for chipped polish and go with simple colors that won’t distract from your outfits. Try to avoid going out in the sun for long periods of time right before your shoot. Nobody wants sunburns or tan lines in their senior pictures!


Hats, belts, jewelry, shoes, props… these items can be very important. They help show off your personality and make your photos all about you!

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Friday Fashion Debate: Holiday Party Attire

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! What a fun time of year and a fun time for fashion! Today we are going to discuss the best trends for your Christmas party outfit.

Classic winter tulle - OliviaRink.com: Personally, I think the cutest outfits for Christmas parties are the ultra feminine and somewhat frilly pieces. A tulle skirt or an A-line flare dress with tights is an adorable look for any holiday gathering!

Maybe your Christmas gathering is a more casual event. In this case I love the idea of a plaid shirt and a fur vest. This look fits the season and takes the casual look of a plaid shirt and pumps it up just a notch by adding fur (of course I mean faux fur). 🙂

faux fur vest and plaid shirt fall outfit-33:

I still haven’t figured out the perfect way to add a stylish hat to this look, they just never seem to look right on me but I love the one pictured in the photo.

Show up to your party with either of these looks and you are going to rock your holiday outfit!

What are your favorite holiday outfits? Share some of your best looks with us!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday  to you all!!



Friday Fashion Debate: Halloween

This week’s debate is not about costumes. I do want to talk about Halloween attire though. Our office has decided to encourage costumes this year but not every office or school has that policy. For those that don’t there are fun ways to spice up your attire on Halloween without being fully in costume.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with a pair of spooky tights under a dress or spiderweb shoes with your usual daily attire. These are simple and subtle ways to bring your Halloween mood to school or work. Wanting a little more? Opt for a dress in a fun Halloween pattern like this bat dress!

If these ideas are still a bit more than you feel comfortable with, opt for a fun Halloween pin on your shirt, a Halloween necklace or a Halloween hair accessory.

All of these are adorable options to bring the holiday spirit in to your fashion choices on Monday.

Here at Leonard’s, I hope our employees take advantage of the opportunity to wear full costumes! We will share photos with you next week from the Leonard’s Halloween Spooktacular!

Happy Friday!

Flaunting Figures and Wearing Confidence

Alright, this one is for you ladies! One of my favorite blog sites is HelloGiggles. They posted an article about the ill affects of body shape guides. The basic point of the article was how those guidelines limit what a woman can/should wear based on her shape. To an extent, I agree with that article. Because you are shaped a certain way does by no means mean you should be limited to certain pieces of clothing. So, I felt inspired to write a piece on flattering silhouettes for highlighting various body parts! We all have things we want to show off! Don’t focus on what you think you should cover up, focus on the aspects you love! This is all based on my experiences with friends, family, and myself. Don’t be an apple, a pear, an hourglass, or a triangle, be a blank canvas!

Let’s begin with my fellow ladies who are on the bustier side. Let’s be honest, dresses aren’t always our friend. Those adorable, strappy, open-back dresses and shirts that are popular don’t exactly lend a hand in the support department. busty dressThough we can’t get away with strappy, there are very cute options for us that also allow us to wear bras and remain fashionable. Anything that cinches below the bust line is perfect. Your bust is supported and the shape is flattering! Though peplums are an acquired taste, they do make me feel great when I wear them. And once again, the ladies are tamed in them!This dress from Urban Outfitters is great because you can still wear a bra but have the flowy feel of other dresses. This peplum shirt from Forever 21 also makes  an excellent example!   peplum

Now for the ladies who have some junk in the trunk. Flowing skirts and dresses always look adorable on those with a bigger lucky jeanslace skirtbottom. And, of course, a rockin pair of jeans. I have a best friend with this body type and she bought an adorable skirt at Forever 21 that she found comfortable and looked adorable. Jeans I know can be frustrating for her because her waist size is smaller than her bum, but when you find a brand that fits well, stick with it!  Sometimes, expensive denim is the way to go for a perfect fit. Try Lucky or Citizens!

I carry my weight in my stomach. It can be frustrating but hey, what can I do. For me, I like minimizing the attention my clothes bring to my middle. So, I like to wear high waisted skirts, empire waist dresses, and shirts that aren’t clingy. boat

But really, the most important thing is wear what makes you feel confident! Don’t focus on the shape you may be defined as. Most of us vary anyway, so find what you like and go with it!

Feel free to post about some of your favorite looks!