Hurricane Matthew

In place of our usual Friday Fashion Debate, I want to talk about what we can all do to help our community. Hurricane Matthew hit our community hard and it will bounce back but not without help. So many lost their homes, all of their belongings or they received severe damage that will require time to rebuild before they can get back in their homes. You can donate items like clothing, toiletries, etc to those who are displaced or you can donate time by helping cleanup and rebuilding efforts or maybe you can just stop in some of our local shops and restaurants to shop and eat which keeps money flowing in to their businesses and helps them thrive during this difficult time. 

I will also be sharing information on our Facebook page as I research specific ways we can all pitch in. 

Let’s all do our best to be kind to one another and lend a hand to make our community whole again! 

Senior Spotlight: Tytianna

Our Senior Spotlight this week is about Lake Mary HS Senior, Tytianna. She participates inTytiannaKeyWM.jpg Dance and is a Cheerleader at her school and has also helped at community events such as her church carnival and volunteered to help feed the homeless.

She is still undecided on which college she plans to attend but she knows for certain that she wants to become a pediatrician. This field was a natural fit for her because she loves working with kids and feel she always knows how to make them laugh and feel comfortable around her.

When asked who the most influential person in her life is, she told us, “My grandfather taught me to never give up no matter what and that people believe in me”.

Tytianna is excited about her future after graduating as is looking forward to a new world she has yet to experience and getting the chance to do things on her own.

We wish you the best of luck Tytianna!

Friday Fashion Debate: Wearing White After Labor Day

For this week’s debate, I did even more research than usual. I wanted to understand where the “No white clothing after Labor Day” rule came from. Funny enough, after reading a handful of articles, it seems no one actually knows where this rule started. People do have their opinions on the matter though. Some say it goes back to the fact that upper class individuals always left their city lives for the summer and opted for “summer wardrobes” which consisted of linen fabrics (usually white) and floppy straw hats. After Labor Day they went back to the city and left their summer wardrobes behind which meant the white linen pants stayed in their vacation homes and they opted for darker colors to fit their Fall city lives.

Let’s face it though, no matter where this rule came from, it is outdated. One of the most popular trends continuing from past years is white pants with denim shirts. Sure, during the summer we may opt for white shorts and sleeveless denim but I don’t see anything wrong with a pair of white jeans, a long sleeve denim shirt, brown boots and a cozy scarf. If we followed the Labor Day rule, this look would not exist. Here in Florida we are still getting temperatures in the 90s and I am not likely putting on long sleeves or boots until MAYBE Christmas.

Denim shirts and white pants are not the only acceptable way to wear white after Labor Day. It just happens to All White // L.O.V.E.: be my favorite way to wear the look. 🙂

Who doesn’t love a big comfy sweater? Especially on those holidays filled with food! Winter sweaters look great with white pants! You 9769769ce54843c35af57deec1cd4575.jpgcan even take it a bit further and opt for all white. All white does not have to look like you are going to a fancy all white party in the city at a five star hotel. Throw on a pair of white skinny jeans with an over sized white sweater and white converse and you have a look to run around all day in!

Some of you may be reading this thinking, I have never followed that silly rule anyway. However, you would be amazed how many people still follow this out of date rule. There is another side of this. Maybe you are reading this and you completely disagree with me. The Labor Day rule is one you feel very strongly about and as of September 5th all white clothing items you wear have gone in a box and won’t be back until next summer.

Either way, share with us what side of the debate you are on. We would love to hear your opinions on the matter.

Happy Friday!!




Friday Fashion Debate: Comic Book Attire

You may have read the title and thought to yourself, she is going to hate on this trend! If so, you are wrong!

I am not talking about costumes that you wear to conventions, but I think that is loads of fun too! Today we are debating regular daily attire that has a comic book theme. Actually I was inspired by a senior that was photographed on Wednesday. I often tell our seniors that we want their pictures to represent them, and that is the same thing I told this particular senior’s parent. Along with other personalized items, he brought some clothing that represented Captain America. I have to say, I LOVE these pictures! They are not ready to be shared with all of you just yet but trust me, they are amazing!

Back on track with our debate, the point I want to make it that comic book attire is trendy and can be done in a really hip way. Below are examples of ways to rock this trend the right way!

I am not saying go out and get head to toe comic book prints or show up to work with an actual costume on but tasteful comic book clothing is a definite thumbs up in my book!

Here are a few ideas of what NOT to do when adding comic book clothing to your wardrobe. With this trend I think it is important to remember, less is more!

Orlando Strong

I wanted to take a minute today to express my deepest sorrows to all affected by the tragedy that happened in Orlando yesterday. Being a company based in St Augustine, FL, this is not only a terrible event for our country and our state but it hits very close to home in our community.

Our hearts are with Orlando during this terrible time.


Friday Fashion Debate: Mini Bags

Finally! The fashion world agrees with my handbag choices! 🙂

As I was researching a topic for this week on Pinterest ( I came across a post titled Fashion Trends that will DOMINATE 2016. Of course this caught my attention but I was pleasantly surprised that the first were trends we have already discussed! Then, my joy grew when I saw MINI BAG!

I didn’t completely skip the over-sized purse trend that happened years ago. However, my favorite purses have always been the ones that took up the least amount of space and preferably, ones that are hands-free as I call them, but better known as cross-body purses.

Knowing that mini bags are “in” this year means that I am actually following a current trend! It is rare that my style actually fits into the currently trending styles but with this one I seem to be right on point!

These bags aren’t just cute, they are functional. In our current day and time, we are incredibly busy as a society and always on the go and considering most small bags are cross body, it’s convenient, and may I add, hard to forget because you are wearing it. 🙂

In case I didn’t make it clear, I am thrilled about this trend! Are you a small bag fan or do you prefer a ton of space in your purse?


Friday Fashion Debate: Festival Fashion

Something we are seeing a lot of this year is the words “festival fashion”. It could just be me but I had no idea this was a trend. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it refers to that hippie like style where everyone is listening to music on the lawn but I didn’t expect to see signs at every retail store grouping fringe, florals, band tees, patterned shawls and checkered button ups (that are intended to be tied around your waist not worn as a shirt). 

I may sound like I don’t like this trend but that’s not true. Festival fashion is fun and feminine and a great look for summer. Coming from being born and raised in Texas I may prefer cowboy boots with my cutoffs but ankle boots are cute too! 🙂

What are your thoughts? Should these styles be left for music festivals or is a hot trend to wear in your daily life?

Happy Friday!!


Friday Fashion Debate: Men’s Shirts

This week I am getting out of my fashion debate comfort zone. Usually our topics are all focused on something related to women’s fashion but today we are going to debate something in the men’s fashion world.

I see a lot of this look in urban fashion and I just can not get on board. I am talking about the extra long men’s t-shirts, that are sometimes layered with other shirts. This men’s fashion look has never been appealing to me but I was trying to understand the other side of this debate so I pondered a few thoughts to myself.

Maybe it is supposed to be the male version of women’s tunics and leggings which I love. If I love it for women, why does it seem so unappealing on men? Then it hit me, I realized what this look reminds me of. It has the same look as sagging pants! Do you see it?

Or, maybe that isn’t what bothers me, maybe it just looks too much like a dress and subconsciously my head tells me men don’t wear dresses so they shouldn’t wear shirts that could be a dress.

Either way, I just can not be on the yes side of this fashion debate. Sorry guys!


I may be a country girl from Texas but I can appreciate a well dressed urban man. I just don’t put the extra long t-shirt in to that category. Below are some examples of urban men that get an A+ for their fashion choices.

Have opinions on this particular fashion choice or maybe other debates you would like to see in the future regarding men’s fashion? Just comment below!




Senior Spotlight: Hannah

Hannah is a Senior at Sunlake High School. She is a motivated student that has taken advance placement classes and participated in Key Club which she feels helped her make a difference in her community. For example, she was able to volunteer at soup kitchens and food banks.
Hannah F148912-225 (002)Her plans for college include going to Florida State University and majoring in Psychology which she was encouraged to do because of a relative that suffers from mental illness. She told us, “Witnessing this has affected my approach on psychology and encouraged me to study it and make a difference”. It is truly inspiring to see a student approach their college education and future career with such purpose behind the decisions.

Hannah also told us that along with her college plans, she is just really looking forward to growing as a person and becoming more independent.

It sounds like you are on the right path Hannah! Enjoy your Senior year and good luck in all that you do!


Senior Spotlight: Valan

Valan stays very busy at Auburndale High. She is in DECA, FBLA, Student Government and is a Football Trainer and participates on the Homecoming Dance Committee. When she isn’t at her school activities, she spends time volunteering and has spent 600 hours serving soup kitchens! She has accomplished a lot in her high school career and does not plan to stop there. When we asked about her career goals, she simply told us, “google executive by 35” and with ambitions like hers, we can see that being a definite possibility.

This admiral young lady has a very unique home situation, she is the only girl in a family of nine siblings. Yes, you read that right, she has eight brothers and no sisters.

Valan said something that has stuck with us, when we asked her about her most challenging undertaking she told us that she raised a thousand dollars in one week for one of her school clubs and she said “A good purpose sells any cause”.Valan F166180-329 (002)

You are sure to do great things Valan! We wish you the best of luck!