Friday Fashion Debate: Holiday Party Attire

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! What a fun time of year and a fun time for fashion! Today we are going to discuss the best trends for your Christmas party outfit.

Classic winter tulle - Personally, I think the cutest outfits for Christmas parties are the ultra feminine and somewhat frilly pieces. A tulle skirt or an A-line flare dress with tights is an adorable look for any holiday gathering!

Maybe your Christmas gathering is a more casual event. In this case I love the idea of a plaid shirt and a fur vest. This look fits the season and takes the casual look of a plaid shirt and pumps it up just a notch by adding fur (of course I mean faux fur). 🙂

faux fur vest and plaid shirt fall outfit-33:

I still haven’t figured out the perfect way to add a stylish hat to this look, they just never seem to look right on me but I love the one pictured in the photo.

Show up to your party with either of these looks and you are going to rock your holiday outfit!

What are your favorite holiday outfits? Share some of your best looks with us!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday  to you all!!



Friday Fashion Debate: Ankle Boots

I am going to be honest, I am writing this debate today for my own personal needs. I When wearing jeans with booties, an exposed ankle is key to keeping your ankles looking as slim as possible. One of the ways to create this gap between the jeans and boots is a cuffed hem.   Tip #3. Try this look with a longer pair of skinny jeans, rather than an ankle length pair. A larger cuff (2-3 inches tall) is more flattering).: recently bought an adorable pair of black ankle boots and NONE of my jeans look good with them. I am aware the trend is to roll the jeans to the top of the boot as pictured, but these particular boots have a slant from the front to the back and I can not find a single way to roll my jeans to look good.

Just for my own curiosity, I tried just wearing my skinny jeans that were extra tight around the ankle without rolling and that looks bad as well. At this point I am tempted to give up and only wear them with tights and dresses but I felt like Friday Fashion Debate was the best place for my last chance at wearing them with jeans.

Maybe the problem is just the boots I chose. I looked at photo after photo and none of the ones I saw look like the ones I am discussing. So my instincts tell me to stick to a very specific type of ankle boot.

My second thought was that maybe it is the jeans I am wearing. I noticed a lot of the ones pictured are short and the roll is very small. I am slightly vertically challenged so my jeans always seem to be longer than I want but I don’t buy “short” jeans because then I can’t wear them with flats which is my go to shoe.

Help me out fashionistas! What are your suggestions??

Chained Up Booties

Friday Fashion Debate: Gold & Silver

FullSizeRender.jpgThis week’s debate is about a fashion question I have asked myself for years! Are gold and silver jewelry ok to mix? I always had an issue with it and stayed away until I jumped on the Alex and Ani bandwagon. My husband bought me and adorable gold owl and I had a silver one already and a silver one I had ordered on the way. The point being, when you are just starting your Alex and Ani collection, if you have three you better wear all three or it doesn’t have that adorable stacked bracelet look. I have now gotten used to the gold and silver mix on my wrist but it is very subtle. Ronaldo bracelets...would love to have them all                                                                                                                                                     More:
Well today, I read that the mix is actually considered one of the top Fashion Accessory trends for Fall 2016! To take it a step further, a lot of accessories come with mixed metals, no mixing on your part needed.

We see it a lot in bracelets because the stacked trend has continued to stick around and mixing metals gives a bit of added dimension and drama. However, this look can be included in any of your accessories which may include, necklaces, purse hardware, earrings, rings, etc.

How do you feel about mixed metals? Let us know your opinion on the matter!

Happy Friday!


Friday Fashion Debate: Blanket Scarf

Today’s high in St Augustine is 87, tomorrow it is 86, by next weekend it is supposed to be 82. That is about as close to Fall temperatures it will get in Florida for awhile. However, I choose to continue on my Fall Fashion topics. Today we are debating the blanket scarf.

bec041fb8e4263c67f4ce9d9138f2c94My first thought is ADORABLE but it is quickly followed by my dd74ef3d22c8616f6ad309071eef14f1second thought TOO MUCH FABRIC. You are probably thinking that I am not making any sense. How can I think the look is adorable while also saying it is too much fabric? Well I am not one to wear things that are bunched up around my neck. I love a nice fall/ winter scarf but these blanket scarfs are a lot of scarf to have around your neck and although it is adorable, I prefer a little less. I also think there is a thin line between acceptably cute and looking like you literally took a blanket from your couch and wrapped it around your neck.

In my opinion, the first two photos show blanket scarfs that are a little too much fabric. Ib107c5e226c102a8e3223c64ad14b780 prefer something like this next photo with the black and white scarf. This one is still classified as a blanket scarf and has that over-sized & cozy look but it doesn’t look like it is consuming her. Of course the way you tie it or wrap it can completely change the look so maybe the key is just finding the best method.

All I know is as I write this, I have on a sleeveless shirt and flip flops and can not wait to put the heat behind us and grab a pair of boots! Until then I will continue to search the internet and pinterest for the most current Fall styles and envy those of you who may actually get to wear them before Christmas. 🙂

Happy Friday!!!



Friday Fashion Debate: Wearing White After Labor Day

For this week’s debate, I did even more research than usual. I wanted to understand where the “No white clothing after Labor Day” rule came from. Funny enough, after reading a handful of articles, it seems no one actually knows where this rule started. People do have their opinions on the matter though. Some say it goes back to the fact that upper class individuals always left their city lives for the summer and opted for “summer wardrobes” which consisted of linen fabrics (usually white) and floppy straw hats. After Labor Day they went back to the city and left their summer wardrobes behind which meant the white linen pants stayed in their vacation homes and they opted for darker colors to fit their Fall city lives.

Let’s face it though, no matter where this rule came from, it is outdated. One of the most popular trends continuing from past years is white pants with denim shirts. Sure, during the summer we may opt for white shorts and sleeveless denim but I don’t see anything wrong with a pair of white jeans, a long sleeve denim shirt, brown boots and a cozy scarf. If we followed the Labor Day rule, this look would not exist. Here in Florida we are still getting temperatures in the 90s and I am not likely putting on long sleeves or boots until MAYBE Christmas.

Denim shirts and white pants are not the only acceptable way to wear white after Labor Day. It just happens to All White // L.O.V.E.: be my favorite way to wear the look. 🙂

Who doesn’t love a big comfy sweater? Especially on those holidays filled with food! Winter sweaters look great with white pants! You 9769769ce54843c35af57deec1cd4575.jpgcan even take it a bit further and opt for all white. All white does not have to look like you are going to a fancy all white party in the city at a five star hotel. Throw on a pair of white skinny jeans with an over sized white sweater and white converse and you have a look to run around all day in!

Some of you may be reading this thinking, I have never followed that silly rule anyway. However, you would be amazed how many people still follow this out of date rule. There is another side of this. Maybe you are reading this and you completely disagree with me. The Labor Day rule is one you feel very strongly about and as of September 5th all white clothing items you wear have gone in a box and won’t be back until next summer.

Either way, share with us what side of the debate you are on. We would love to hear your opinions on the matter.

Happy Friday!!




Friday Fashion Debate: Summer to Fall Transitions

For those of you who like me, dream of the days you can throw on a comfy sweater and a pair of skinny jeans and boots, we need transition outfits when summer weather is lingering.

Today’s fashion debate is about what styles are appropriate when the weather is still a bit warm but you are tired of tank tops and shorts.

I think the best way to transition is with light sweaters and jackets. You can easily take your summer tank tops and transition them in to fall with a sweater or jacket. If it is still pretty warm where you are, you can roll up the sleeves and pair with a pair of ripped jeans and ankle boots or something more casual like converse.

Another easy transition is light scarfs. During the hottest part of summer, no matter how light it is, you won’t catch me wearing a scarf. When the days start to get less brutal though, a light scarf gives me that Fall feeling I crave!

I also at some point make a conscious decision to stop wearing sandals, no matter what the temperature is. Not everyone will agree with me on this but by October I am really tired of seeing my same summer sandals (and the constant need to get a pedicure) so I stick to my closed toe flats and boots when the weather permits.

Overall I think I am in denial that Fall weather is even a thing here in Florida. It seems like we go straight from boiling hot to a short period of cold in January or February then right back to boiling hot. Either way, I am ready to start pretending Fall is on it’s way and I think in the next few weeks I will do a closet transition. 🙂

Do you have any go to summer to fall transition styles? Share with us!

Happy Friday!

Friday Fashion Debate: Fall Shades

Despite the near 100 degree temperatures that seem to be lingering in Florida, Fall is on it’s way, in the fashion world at least.

We know Fall color trends are the same every year. The tones get a little less bright and start leaning towards much warmer colors. However, it appears a mix of reds and purples is the highlight of this fall season. I have seen so many gorgeous shades in Fall fashion predictions and I am a bit obsessed!

Just to name a few favorites, I love Pantone’s Aurora Red, Bodacious and Dusty Cedar.

I find my wardrobe lacks blues and greens, throughout the year to be honest. This year I am going to try to make a point to work in more variety of colors but in reality, we usually pick the colors we feel compliment our skin best and blue and green just aren’t my top colors. In case you are wondering what the top fall shades are for these colors though, here are a few off of the top 10 pantone list. The blue is Airy Blue and the green is Lush Meadow.These are beautiful colors, just not my go to choice in Fall colors.

Do you have a go to Fall color? Something you run out and buy as soon as it hits the shelves? Or maybe you are like me and the second you get in that Fall mood you start moving over to Fall nail colors! 🙂

I know I’m ready for Fall! Florida doesn’t seem to agree with me though so for now, summer it is!

Happy Friday!


Friday Fashion Debate: Pretty & Preppy

With the biggest trends in fashion leaning toward festival attire and bohemian pieces, clean preppy looks have been getting a lot less attention. That doesn’t mean this look is out of style by any means though! In fact, I consider it a classic look. I went looking for the most “trending” preppy styles and was pleasantly surprised to find some cute twists on this rarely changing look.

Processed with VSCO with c3 presetA preppy look is usually made up of very clean lines and solid colors, maybe a stripe every now and again. The way to keep this classic look but add a clean new pop is with your accessories. In my research, I saw tons of solid tops and tailored jeans or white cropped pants but the crazy colors and patterns are all in the bags, shoes and sunglasses.

Another great way to add your own tastes to a preppy look is with your hair style! Maybe for you this means fun color or a daring cut. It could also mean a fashion forward hat or head wrap.
Last but not least, and possibly one of my favorite ways to f9249d9d396f380c1e7898bc969dba28take a more timid preppy look up a notch, a bright bold lip color! White shorts with a denim button up shirt look amazing with a bright pink or coral lip. Add in a fun bag and a unique pair of shades and you are set!

Is this look completely off of your trending list? If so I want to know why!

Happy Friday fashionistas! 🙂




Friday Fashion Debate: Men’s Summer Style

When researching this week’s topic, I knew I wanted to discuss something for our men. With most of the schools in the area officially being on summer break, what better topic than summer style?blog

The very first thing that came up when I went to Pinterest for ideas was this chart that I have to say I disagree with the majority of what it says. So today, I am going to tell you my thoughts on why this chart is wrong but I would love to hear if you disagree!

Let’s start at the top, where they discuss length of shorts.On this portion, I will say I agree mostly. The far left two are too short in my opinion, although they say just the farthest option is too short. On the right side, I would say I agree that the right one is too long but I actually prefer the “absolute longest” option to the one in the middle that they think is the best length.

Next, this is where they really started to lose me. I much prefer a baggy shape on guys to the tiny fitted shorts on the left. I don’t mind a fitted look on guys but personally, I think a pair of baggy cargo shorts is a good look for men.

Colors and patterns are distinctive to a person and their style in my opinion. Some people prefer neutrals and I think that is just fine. I definitely don’t see a problem with guys branching out into some color though!

I am going to skip down on the graphic a bit and go to the “things to avoid” section. I already mentioned, I really like cargo shorts on guys so I would definitely disagree with that item being on the avoid list. Then they say to avoid flip flops, but they were careful to say “or if appropriate for local culture”. This part made me chuckle a bit. I mean I live in Florida so it is obviously acceptable here but when I lived in Texas I found it just as acceptable. So where is it not acceptable to wear flip flops? I will make sure to avoid ever moving there! 🙂

Another item they say to avoid is plaid, again I disagree. Plaid shorts on guys is a fun addition to a sometimes drab wardrobe. I say bring on the plaid, as long as it is accompanied with a solid color shirt.

Guy’s fashion can be boring at times. They don’t get the same pattern and color choice as us girls and let’s face it, how many way can they wear a shirt and shorts or a shirt and pants? Girls get dresses, skirts, rompers, pants, capris, shorts, and so much more! To me, guys get so much less options that I don’t tend to be as judgmental on their style choices. I will say though that there are a few things like tight skinny jeans and sagging pants that I do not care to see on men but other than that, it’s kind of hard to go wrong as long as they match colors, etc.

To my guys out there reading this, let us know some of your favorite styles or tips you have for other guys! We would love to hear from you!

Friday Fashion Debate: The Backwards Shirt

I have to start off by saying I did a lot of in depth research to verify that this was actually a trend. Apparently it is, and I am extremely bothered.

This week’s debate is about backwards shirts. It started at London’s Fashion Week and has continued to grow popularity.

I have already made my stance on this trend clear but let me go ahead and explain how this look is supposed to be styled (says fashion experts). You take a classic button down shirt and flip it backwards, leaving several of the buttons (which are now on your back) undone so that the shirt becomes open back. They suggest wearing it tied at the bottom or tucking it in and pairing it with one of my other hated looks, the mom jean!

One of the things I found interesting when searching for samples of this look is that nobody wants to show what it looks like from the front. Keep in mind to wear this style as suggested, the shirt must be a COLLARED button down. This mean the collar will be around the front of your neck.

There really are so many other thoughts that come to my head when I dig into this trend further and further but I am going to leave you with a few images and let you decide for yourself. I would love to hear what you think on this one, even more than usual. 🙂