Friday Fashion Debate: Thanksgiving

This week’s Fashion Debate is not about a specific trend or clothing item. This week we are going to debate what your family wears for Thanksgiving. For some people, Thanksgiving is a time to dress up. They put on their best outfits and sit down for a nice dinner with family and friends. For others, it is a day of relaxed fun and the more casual the better, such as your favorite sports jersey if your team happens to be playing on Thanksgiving (being from Dallas I am a Cowboys fan so our team always plays on Thanksgiving).

I admit, I like to step it up a notch on Thanksgiving but I definitely wouldn’t classify my attire as dressy. In fact, I have gotten more casual since I became the host of our Thanksgiving in Florida. It’s just not reasonable to wear my nicest outfits when I am going to be in the kitchen mixing, stirring, baking and preparing food all day. Plus you throw in the fact that it is usually somewhere around 80 degrees here and that tones down my outfit choices a bit. My husband undoubtedly will be sporting a Cowboys jersey every year. He even makes our dogs wear their doggy jerseys.

With all that being said, I think it’s great to go all out and dress up for this holiday. Thanksgiving is a special day where we look at everything we have to be thankful for an celebrate so I see nothing wrong with having your attire match the importance of this holiday.

I want to know what you wore for your Thanksgiving this year. Send us a pic or give us a quick explanation of which way you lean on this debate!

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!!!



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