Friday Fashion Debate: Fall Shades

Despite the near 100 degree temperatures that seem to be lingering in Florida, Fall is on it’s way, in the fashion world at least.

We know Fall color trends are the same every year. The tones get a little less bright and start leaning towards much warmer colors. However, it appears a mix of reds and purples is the highlight of this fall season. I have seen so many gorgeous shades in Fall fashion predictions and I am a bit obsessed!

Just to name a few favorites, I love Pantone’s Aurora Red, Bodacious and Dusty Cedar.

I find my wardrobe lacks blues and greens, throughout the year to be honest. This year I am going to try to make a point to work in more variety of colors but in reality, we usually pick the colors we feel compliment our skin best and blue and green just aren’t my top colors. In case you are wondering what the top fall shades are for these colors though, here are a few off of the top 10 pantone list. The blue is Airy Blue and the green is Lush Meadow.These are beautiful colors, just not my go to choice in Fall colors.

Do you have a go to Fall color? Something you run out and buy as soon as it hits the shelves? Or maybe you are like me and the second you get in that Fall mood you start moving over to Fall nail colors! 🙂

I know I’m ready for Fall! Florida doesn’t seem to agree with me though so for now, summer it is!

Happy Friday!


Friday Fashion Debate: Back to School Styles

Let’s face it, as a whole, our society spends a lot of money shopping for back to school. There is a reason an entire weekend is dedicated to “tax-free” shopping right before the academic year starts. Each year is a chance to express yourself in a whole new way if you like.

Are you a dressed up with high heels and wedges kind of girl? Maybe you prefer casual but still stylish. Or you could be the type that throws on a t-shirt or hoodie and is lucky to make it out the door with their hair brushed. I know personally, I wasn’t the first type but I definitely could go from casual stylish to barely made it out of bed, depending on the day.

Maybe you are reading this and at this point are wondering what the debate is this week. Well to be honest, there isn’t one really. This just seemed like the right timing to share some fun back to school outfit ideas. Below are just a few of my favorites.

Hope everyone has an amazing 2016-2017 school year!

Back to School

Today is a special day! Today is the start of BACK TO SCHOOL! Our home office is in St Johns County and today is the first day of the 2016-2017 school year.

Leonard’s is so lucky to get to be CookieRecipes.jpginvolved with so many schools across the state of Florida and Georgia. We have spent day after day this summer photographing the incoming Seniors and although Senior season is not quite over for us, the real fun is just beginning for these students as they go back to school. Senior year is a time in your life where you get to reflect on 12 years of hard work all while looking forward to becoming whatever it is you want to be after high school. To all of our seniors, we wish you the best of luck this year!

For all of our underclassmen, middle school and elementary school students, we look forward to taking your pictures this year and continuing to watch each of you grow!

We hope each and every one of you have an amazing school year!