Friday Fashion Debate: Cutout Shirts

I will start this week off by saying right away that this is one of my favorite trends right now! If you read the title and were wondering what exactly I meant, let me show you a few examples.

Cutouts come in several different styles and I truly love them all. You have simple sweet cutouts like the image on the left, back cutouts like the one in the middle, or maybe something a little more dramatic that gives a detailed design and shows a little more skin. This isn’t even the beginning of all the options but a few of my favorites.

To me, this type of top is a way to show a little more skin in an incredibly tasteful way. I mean let’s face it, it’s hot out there! Here in St Augustine, FL we are supposed to reach 100 degrees with a heat index of 115. I may feel the urge to leave the house in a bathing suit but I have to go places and do things and that just won’t work, plus in reality, I am too modest to do that even if it was acceptable. 🙂  My next favorite option is to put on a tank top or light shirt that breathes well and these tops are perfect for that, covered without completely showing skin. 76a360c03abab24651e3f3ffcbc5dde0

Another thing I love about cutouts is you can throw a fun colored tank underneath and it adds a whole other element to your look. I am actually doing that today! The top I am wearing is a black tank with cutouts in the back and I put a bright spaghetti strap top under for a fun pop of color.Here is another example for a more visual idea. 🙂

Summer trends can be so much fun with all of the bright colors and vibrant patterns but I definitely suggest adding a few cutout tops to your summer attire!

Happy Friday!!



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