Friday Fashion Debate: Men’s Summer Style

When researching this week’s topic, I knew I wanted to discuss something for our men. With most of the schools in the area officially being on summer break, what better topic than summer style?blog

The very first thing that came up when I went to Pinterest for ideas was this chart that I have to say I disagree with the majority of what it says. So today, I am going to tell you my thoughts on why this chart is wrong but I would love to hear if you disagree!

Let’s start at the top, where they discuss length of shorts.On this portion, I will say I agree mostly. The far left two are too short in my opinion, although they say just the farthest option is too short. On the right side, I would say I agree that the right one is too long but I actually prefer the “absolute longest” option to the one in the middle that they think is the best length.

Next, this is where they really started to lose me. I much prefer a baggy shape on guys to the tiny fitted shorts on the left. I don’t mind a fitted look on guys but personally, I think a pair of baggy cargo shorts is a good look for men.

Colors and patterns are distinctive to a person and their style in my opinion. Some people prefer neutrals and I think that is just fine. I definitely don’t see a problem with guys branching out into some color though!

I am going to skip down on the graphic a bit and go to the “things to avoid” section. I already mentioned, I really like cargo shorts on guys so I would definitely disagree with that item being on the avoid list. Then they say to avoid flip flops, but they were careful to say “or if appropriate for local culture”. This part made me chuckle a bit. I mean I live in Florida so it is obviously acceptable here but when I lived in Texas I found it just as acceptable. So where is it not acceptable to wear flip flops? I will make sure to avoid ever moving there! ­čÖé

Another item they say to avoid is plaid, again I disagree. Plaid shorts on guys is a fun addition to a sometimes drab wardrobe. I say bring on the plaid, as long as it is accompanied with a solid color shirt.

Guy’s fashion can be boring at times. They don’t get the same pattern and color choice as us girls and let’s face it, how many way can they wear a shirt and shorts or a shirt and pants? Girls get dresses, skirts, rompers, pants, capris, shorts, and so much more! To me, guys get so much less options that I don’t tend to be as judgmental on their style choices. I will say though that there are a few things like tight skinny jeans and sagging pants that I do not care to see on men but other than that, it’s kind of hard to go wrong as long as they match colors, etc.

To my guys out there reading this, let us know some of your favorite styles or tips you have for other guys! We would love to hear from you!

Friday Fashion Debate: The Backwards Shirt

I have to start off by saying I did a lot of in depth research to verify that this was actually a trend. Apparently it is, and I am extremely bothered.

This week’s debate is about backwards shirts. It started at┬áLondon’s Fashion Week and has continued to grow popularity.

I have already made my stance on this trend clear but let me go ahead and explain how this look is supposed to be styled (says fashion experts). You take a classic button down shirt and flip it backwards, leaving several of the buttons (which are now on your back) undone so that the shirt becomes open back. They suggest wearing it tied at the bottom or tucking it in and pairing it with one of my other hated looks, the mom jean!

One of the things I found interesting when searching for samples of this look is that nobody wants to show what it looks like from the front. Keep in mind to wear this style as suggested, the shirt must be a COLLARED button down. This mean the collar will be around the front of your neck.

There really are so many other thoughts that come to my head when I dig into this trend further and further but I am going to leave you with a few images and let you decide for yourself. I would love to hear what you think on this one, even more than usual. ­čÖé

Friday Fashion Debate: Flare Dresses

One word for this trend…ADORABLE! This week’s trend is a look I actually wore at my rehearsal dinner a week ago.

Flare dresses are ultra feminine and very flattering for a wide variety of body types. You can dress them up and go out on the town or wear them to work with a blazer or even dress them down and throw on ballet flats or sandals.

A great way to spice it up a bit is to add a statement necklace with a solid color flare dress or find a dress in a fun pattern!

This look is classic and I don’t think it truly was ever out of style but I loved seeing it as a trending look for 2016!


Senior Spotlight: Claire

St. Lucie West Centennial High senior, Claire, has started her career path long before graduating. She is graduating with honors but will also have her associates degree and a CLairecertification in child care which she received by participating in the early childhood program.

She isn’t stopping there though! Claire intends to use her child care experience along with a medical degree to work in┬ápediatric oncology.

We asked Claire who an influential teacher in her life was and she told us, “My early childhood teacher has been my most influential. She has inspired me to aim for goals no matter how high and to always rise above in tough situations”.

Claire we applaud you in all you have accomplished! Good luck in everything you do!


Friday Fashion Debate: 3D Nails

This week we are veering off the “fashion” path a bit to discuss nails again. Last time we touched on this topic I was explaining how I see nail designs as a way to accessorize and express yourself. Don’t worry, I am not taking that back. However, I am starting to see some really crazy nails that I think may be going a tad too far.

I love a rhinestone here or there and a little bit of thick glitter but we are starting to see nails that are covered in huge stones and even 3D flowers or my least favorite, bubble nails! I am keeping this one short and sweet. Nails are a really fun way to accessorize but I think we should leave the extreme drama to statement necklaces and crazy  fabric patterns and bright colors.

Agree or disagree?


Senior Spotlight: Breanne

BreanneBreanne attends Harrison School of the Arts and is the track team captain! She is involved in multiple other activities like weightlifting & Spanish club. Breanne knows exactly what her plans are after grauddating this year. She is going to Davidson to study biology and plans to go into Orthodontics.

Outside of her school activities, Breanne has been on four mission trips which taught her to work well with others and try to collaborate ideas. She also worked at Chick-fil-a which helped her with communication and team building skills

When we asked her about her most challenging undertaking so far, she told us “My dad got cancer when I was little and I found y faith and grew stronger with him”.

We wish you the best Breanne!