Friday Fashion Debate: Match Sets

blogA big trend this summer is match set outfits. Confused on what that means? Well typically we see it in a matchingblog1 cropped top and shorts or maybe a cropped top and high waist skirt.

I do think this look is cute but I am not completely sold on it for myself. These styles barely show any skin but let’s face it, most women will tell you their stomach is their number one trouble area and aren’t quick to want to show it off. Although, I love the skirt version of this trend. Still haven’t bought it for myself or even tried it on but I do love the idea of it because of how feminine it is.

I flip between wearing black with my converse and a leather jacket to floral and ultra feminine. I guess I have two sides to my style personality. This look appeals to my more girly side.

In my opinion, there is also an age limit to this style. I don’t mean only teenagers and college girls should be wearing it. The style can be done age appropriately for a wide variety of ages but I do think there is a point that it becomes too “young” of a look. To save myself, I am going to avoid saying when I think that is. 🙂

Happy Friday fashion divas!!


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