Friday Fashion Debate: Jumpsuits

This week’s debate was inspired by a marathon of Project Runway. Don’t worry I am not going to suggest we all start wearing clothes made of unconventional materials. Actually, I just happened to catch an episode where multiple contestants were battling it out over jumpsuits. Their designs were cute and looked great on all of the models but I can assure you I do not own any in my closet.This made me think, can short girls wear these or are they only meant for those that are not vertically challenged? So this debate is not really about whether jumpsuits are in or not, it’s more about are they for certain body types or not?

After searching Pinterest I noticed most of the more petite girls were pictured in jumpsuits that were shorts not pants, which I actually consider a romper not a jumpsuit however Pinterest seems to disagree with me. However, I agree with Pinterest on one thing. I think full pant leg jumpsuits are better for the ladies with good height. Us vertically challenged ladies can stick to rompers.

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