Friday Fashion Debate: Match Sets

blogA big trend this summer is match set outfits. Confused on what that means? Well typically we see it in a matchingblog1 cropped top and shorts or maybe a cropped top and high waist skirt.

I do think this look is cute but I am not completely sold on it for myself. These styles barely show any skin but let’s face it, most women will tell you their stomach is their number one trouble area and aren’t quick to want to show it off. Although, I love the skirt version of this trend. Still haven’t bought it for myself or even tried it on but I do love the idea of it because of how feminine it is.

I flip between wearing black with my converse and a leather jacket to floral and ultra feminine. I guess I have two sides to my style personality. This look appeals to my more girly side.

In my opinion, there is also an age limit to this style. I don’t mean only teenagers and college girls should be wearing it. The style can be done age appropriately for a wide variety of ages but I do think there is a point that it becomes too “young” of a look. To save myself, I am going to avoid saying when I think that is. 🙂

Happy Friday fashion divas!!


Senior Spotlight: Teani Sharice Gomes

Winter Haven High School senior, Teani, knows exactly what she wants to do and has been preparing for that path while in High School. She is involved in the Medical Academy and wants to study Business Administrator after graduating so that she can run a hospital. Teani also got her EKG Certification and is on the track to getting an honor card for her GPA. image1

Being an extremely organized person myself, I  think it’s great that she mentioned to us that she uses a lot of sticky notes, note cards and highlighters while studying. She feels this is a unique quality she posses in relation to her studies.

Teani also has had unique challenges she has had to face. When asked what her most challenging undertaking has been, she told us “having Rheumatoid Arthritis, I persevere by not letting it define and and taking control of it”.

We wish you the best Teani! Enjoy the last months of your senior year!

Friday Fashion Debate: Mini Bags

Finally! The fashion world agrees with my handbag choices! 🙂

As I was researching a topic for this week on Pinterest ( I came across a post titled Fashion Trends that will DOMINATE 2016. Of course this caught my attention but I was pleasantly surprised that the first were trends we have already discussed! Then, my joy grew when I saw MINI BAG!

I didn’t completely skip the over-sized purse trend that happened years ago. However, my favorite purses have always been the ones that took up the least amount of space and preferably, ones that are hands-free as I call them, but better known as cross-body purses.

Knowing that mini bags are “in” this year means that I am actually following a current trend! It is rare that my style actually fits into the currently trending styles but with this one I seem to be right on point!

These bags aren’t just cute, they are functional. In our current day and time, we are incredibly busy as a society and always on the go and considering most small bags are cross body, it’s convenient, and may I add, hard to forget because you are wearing it. 🙂

In case I didn’t make it clear, I am thrilled about this trend! Are you a small bag fan or do you prefer a ton of space in your purse?


Senior Spotlight: Mandy Jo

Mandy is a senior at Springstead High School. She helps tutor students and also has spent over 200 hours taking care of kids at her church. Her plans after graduating are to focus her degree on sign language and chemistry so that she can teach after college.Mandy Jo

Mandy has a big heart and gives a lot of her time to helping others. She feels that her experience working mission trips and retreats has helped her grow. Plus she helped a classmate go from failing with a 45 to passing with a 70

When asked who was an influential teacher in her life she told us, “my junior year chemistry teacher, Mrs. Scott. She helped me realize who I wanted to be in this world”.

You are sure to be an amazing teacher Mandy Jo! Good luck with everything you do!

Friday Fashion Debate: Waist Shirts

We recently discussed ” festival fashion” and one of the festival faves is a shirt tied around the waist. I have seen so much of this blog1look lately that I decided it deserves it’s own Friday Fashion Debate.

I haven’t tied a shirt around my waist in many years but I will say I think this trend is cute! Although, personally I prefer it be done a very specific way. I like a simple approach to this trend. A tshirt, nice pair of skinny
jeans and converse is my favorite style for this trend.

blog2The next way to wear this look is over a dress. Personally, I do not love this version. However, I have seen it pulled off so I am not going to say I am against it. My dislike of this version may have something to do with the fact that it is normally done with tshirt dresses which I have never thought looked good on me.

The last version of this look that I will touch on today is one I just flat out blogdon’t like. I do not think it looks good on any body type to wear a shirt around your waist with a jacket over it. Although the shirt around the waist is more of an accessory, it seems repetitive to me to tie a shirt around your waist with a jacket over it. If you are cold, why don’t you take that shirt off of your waist and wear it? Plus the shirt around the waist helps accentuate that part of the body and throwing a jacket over it covers that up and just looks bulky.

Whether you are rockin this style or not, as always, just be you & Happy Friday!! 🙂

Friday Fashion Debate: Jumpsuits

This week’s debate was inspired by a marathon of Project Runway. Don’t worry I am not going to suggest we all start wearing clothes made of unconventional materials. Actually, I just happened to catch an episode where multiple contestants were battling it out over jumpsuits. Their designs were cute and looked great on all of the models but I can assure you I do not own any in my closet.This made me think, can short girls wear these or are they only meant for those that are not vertically challenged? So this debate is not really about whether jumpsuits are in or not, it’s more about are they for certain body types or not?

After searching Pinterest I noticed most of the more petite girls were pictured in jumpsuits that were shorts not pants, which I actually consider a romper not a jumpsuit however Pinterest seems to disagree with me. However, I agree with Pinterest on one thing. I think full pant leg jumpsuits are better for the ladies with good height. Us vertically challenged ladies can stick to rompers.

Friday Fashion Debate: Festival Fashion

Something we are seeing a lot of this year is the words “festival fashion”. It could just be me but I had no idea this was a trend. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it refers to that hippie like style where everyone is listening to music on the lawn but I didn’t expect to see signs at every retail store grouping fringe, florals, band tees, patterned shawls and checkered button ups (that are intended to be tied around your waist not worn as a shirt). 

I may sound like I don’t like this trend but that’s not true. Festival fashion is fun and feminine and a great look for summer. Coming from being born and raised in Texas I may prefer cowboy boots with my cutoffs but ankle boots are cute too! 🙂

What are your thoughts? Should these styles be left for music festivals or is a hot trend to wear in your daily life?

Happy Friday!!