Friday Fashion Debate: Slide Sandals

It is official, we SPRING forward this weekend (Daylight Savings) and that means it isblog
definitely Spring time. One of the major changes you see in Spring fashion is the transition from covered footwear to sandals. With that in mind, this week’s Friday Fashion Debate is all about slide sandals.

With this trend, I have multiple opinions. First of all, I don’t think they are terrible on everyone, but you won’t catch me wearing them.

blog2Secondly, I prefer some versions much more than others. My personal preference a more beaded version with lots of straps. This type looks much more flattering on my foot than a simple two strap version. These also have a more bohemian look whblog3ich I think is extremely trendy right now.

The ones I can not stand, and the majority of you probably completely disagree with me on this (including a few close family members) is the Birkenstock.The straps, the soles, the buckles, I dislike it all. However, I know I stand alone on this one compared to the majority of the population. That is something I have accepted and am ok with. 🙂

There is one version that I have to say I strongly feel nobody should wear and it is pictured below with the “current” version but I have also included a picture of the version I remember us all wearing years ago which I am ashamed to admit I know I owned a least two pairs at one time.The thick single strap across the top of the foot is the most unflattering look on any foot, especially in black because of how harsh it is against skin.

I will say, overall I am getting excited about sandal season! In preparation, when I made my next nail appointment I made sure to add a pedicure to the schedule because there is nothing worse than sandal season and bad toes! 🙂




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