Senior Spotlight: Yeimy

Yeimy attends Seminole High School and is in the Health Academy there. She is hoping this will help her with her plans to become a paramedic. Her plan is to attend UCF after graduating this year.

Her Senior year has definitely been far from boring. She is in weightlifting and track plus she does community service and is part of National Honor Society.

Yeimy F141772-011 (002)Being a native of Mexico, she feels that the Hispanic household she grew up in helps bring a different point of view to how she does things. Although she told us it wasn’t easy getting accustomed to the American lifestyle. She told us, “I put a lot of work and effort into the things I have accomplished”.

Something Yeimy said that we found unique and interesting was her take on a picture. In her words, “You never know what is going on elsewhere in the picture. There could be a thunderstorm ahead but the point of view only captures a sunny day”.

Congrats on all you have accomplished Yeimy!

Senior Spotlight: Kirsten

Zephyrhills Senior, Kirsten, is currently enrolled at PHSC while finishing her Senior year in high school! Upon graduating, she will transfer to the University of South Florida where she plans to work hard to reach her goal
Kirsten F141680-268 (002) of completing medical school.

In her time outside of school, Kirsten is currently learning sign language, loves to ride horses and has had the privilege to shadow a primary care physician.
When asked who her most influential teacher was, she told us “Gregory Mathis has been the most influential teacher I have had. He taught Human Anatomy & Physiology. I have been inspired by him to fulfill my dreams and he had encouraged me to go to medical school”.

Kirsten, you have set some big goals for yourself but we have no doubt you will achieve them!


Friday Fashion Debate: Slide Sandals

It is official, we SPRING forward this weekend (Daylight Savings) and that means it isblog
definitely Spring time. One of the major changes you see in Spring fashion is the transition from covered footwear to sandals. With that in mind, this week’s Friday Fashion Debate is all about slide sandals.

With this trend, I have multiple opinions. First of all, I don’t think they are terrible on everyone, but you won’t catch me wearing them.

blog2Secondly, I prefer some versions much more than others. My personal preference a more beaded version with lots of straps. This type looks much more flattering on my foot than a simple two strap version. These also have a more bohemian look whblog3ich I think is extremely trendy right now.

The ones I can not stand, and the majority of you probably completely disagree with me on this (including a few close family members) is the Birkenstock.The straps, the soles, the buckles, I dislike it all. However, I know I stand alone on this one compared to the majority of the population. That is something I have accepted and am ok with. 🙂

There is one version that I have to say I strongly feel nobody should wear and it is pictured below with the “current” version but I have also included a picture of the version I remember us all wearing years ago which I am ashamed to admit I know I owned a least two pairs at one time.The thick single strap across the top of the foot is the most unflattering look on any foot, especially in black because of how harsh it is against skin.

I will say, overall I am getting excited about sandal season! In preparation, when I made my next nail appointment I made sure to add a pedicure to the schedule because there is nothing worse than sandal season and bad toes! 🙂




2016 Graduating Seniors!

Leonard R. Tucker, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
2015-16 ApplicationScholarship

Leonard’s will award up to three $1000 scholarships to St. Johns County graduating seniors.

Please be sure that you meet the following criteria:
– Eligible to graduate June of 2016
– Full-time St. Johns County student
– Enrolled in one of the career academies or a member of the school’s yearbook staff
– Minimum grade point average of 3.0
– Enrolled full-time in a post-secondary, (after high school) degree program beginning
with the 2016 Fall Term

Applicant must also demonstrate The Six Pillars of Character :
– Trustworthiness
– Respect
– Responsibility
– Fairness
– Caring
– Citizenship

Preference will be given to those applicants who have an interest in digital media and design, communications, photography, or computer technology.

Procedures for Applying – Submit the following documents:
– Essay
– Completed scholarship application
– Two recommendation letters from academic teachers
– Current high school transcript or most recent report card
– Sample of digital media/design or photography, if applicable

Scholarship Amount
This is a one-time scholarship of $1000.

Application deadline: Friday, April 8th 2016
Late submissions will not be considered.

Senior Spotlight: Christine

Christine is a busy Senior at West Orange High school. Being involved in cheer, chorus andChristine F140114-088 taekwondo keep her busy but she also finds time to volunteer at S.T.A.R.S. and coaches gymnastics at Gymnastics USA.

We asked Christine to give us two interesting facts about herself and she told us she lived in Hawaii for five years and is a State Champion in gymnastics. Her gymnastics training was also great for her mind! She told us, “The focus and training I had in gymnastics helps me focus in school”.

Christine has her college plans all set out. She is going to go to Valencia for two years and then will transfer to UCF where she plans to major in Elementary Education.

We are thrilled to hear how devoted you are Christine and hope you have a great rest of your Senior year!



Friday Fashion Debate: Men’s Shirts

This week I am getting out of my fashion debate comfort zone. Usually our topics are all focused on something related to women’s fashion but today we are going to debate something in the men’s fashion world.

I see a lot of this look in urban fashion and I just can not get on board. I am talking about the extra long men’s t-shirts, that are sometimes layered with other shirts. This men’s fashion look has never been appealing to me but I was trying to understand the other side of this debate so I pondered a few thoughts to myself.

Maybe it is supposed to be the male version of women’s tunics and leggings which I love. If I love it for women, why does it seem so unappealing on men? Then it hit me, I realized what this look reminds me of. It has the same look as sagging pants! Do you see it?

Or, maybe that isn’t what bothers me, maybe it just looks too much like a dress and subconsciously my head tells me men don’t wear dresses so they shouldn’t wear shirts that could be a dress.

Either way, I just can not be on the yes side of this fashion debate. Sorry guys!


I may be a country girl from Texas but I can appreciate a well dressed urban man. I just don’t put the extra long t-shirt in to that category. Below are some examples of urban men that get an A+ for their fashion choices.

Have opinions on this particular fashion choice or maybe other debates you would like to see in the future regarding men’s fashion? Just comment below!




Senior Spotlight: Aleah

Aleah F138633-94 (002)Springstead High school cheerleader and choir member, Aleah, is still deciding where she wants to go to college but she is certain she wants to become a Pediatrician. Currently, she is a bit unsure whether she plans to stay in the state of Florida or go to New York to attend Columbia Medical School.

Her interests are a bit different from most senior girls. She enjoys cars and her favorite movie is Fast 5 (The 5th movie in the Fast & Furious series).  Also, she speaks Spanish and some Italian.

Aleah’s mom is her biggest influence. She told us “My mom has pushed me when I just thought about giving up”. She also learned some medical skills from her mom.

We wish you the best Aleah and hope you follow your dreams!





There is something about going from February to March that just feels exciting. Maybe it’s just me but I start thinking about beautiful weather and fresh flowers and all of the joys that come along with the Spring season.

For us here at Leonard’s, it is an exciting time as well. It is Spring Picture time which is always fun and we are gearing up for our Senior Season which is a thrilling time of year! This year Leonard’s is making several big overhauls throughout our studios and with our road setup which are sure to make your experience one of a kind. Expect to see new backdrops, better studio layouts, premium lighting styles and photographers who have gone through extensive hands on training.

Big things are happening at Leonard’s! We look forward to giving you all even more beautiful memories through the photographs we take. 🙂