Friday Fashion Debate: Sunglasses

This week I read a blog about how sunglasses were going to be the new “it” item this year. My first thought was, in a way, aren’t sunglasses always an “it” item. I mean pretty much every person I know or see owns at least a pair or two and we wear them every single day not just for style but for safety. I know personally, that Florida sun can be blinding!

I went ahead and continued reading and discovered what the blog was referring to. Apparently there are some pretty dramatic styles of sunglasses that hit the runways and I have to say even as a lover of sunglasses and the multiple fun styles you can choose from, I won’t be following the majority of these runway trends anytime soon.

These may be dramatic representations but in reality, its about shape and colors. Some of the main styles we are set to see more of this year are cat eye shapes, bright colored lenses, over sized frames and as the article said, clear is apparently going to be a thing this year. Which doesn’t that just make them fake glasses, not sunglasses?

Either way, go out and grab yourself a pair of new sunglasses! Go with something a little out of your usual style. They don’t need to be giant red squares but maybe try out a little bit different shape from your normal pair or get some with ombre colored lenses.

Here is a pair I am thinking about looking for. Nice dark black with a slightly unique shape from my usual wayfarer style.


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