RIP Alan Rickman

Today marks the loss of a wonderfully talented man who most of us know as Professor Snape. Alan Rickman was in many wonderful movies and had an amazing career both in film and on stage. He was a brilliant actor and he will be missed for many reasons.

For the Harry Potter generation, I know we can all agree that it was nearly impossible to not shed a tear during the final moments of Snape’s life in Deathly Hollows. This character was the villain for years before we realized in those final moments that all along he was actually the hero.

Upon hearing the news of Alan Rickman’s passing today, I felt that same sadness I felt when Professor Snape’s life ended. As I continue on my Harry Pott12541129_10205062147704122_8658459924290065622_n.jpger re-watch marathon
that I started last week, it will certainly be heavy on my heart that he is no longer with us. I know the tears will stream a little harder when I watch that moment in
Deathly Hollows.

RIP Alan Rickman!


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