Friday Fashion Debates: Denim on Denim


I apologize for the lack of Friday Fashion Debate last week! Great things happening here at Leonard’s Photography but all of the exciting changes and hard work took me away from my fashion debate duties!

I am back today with a trend that I have ALWAYS hated and was actually sad to see it come up as a 2016 Trend to Watch. This look I dislike so much is… drumroll please… Denim on Denim!

Denim is a wardrobe staple for me. I just bought a couple new pairs of jeans yesterday just4d79779386a8c6b698b12f69fa629a37 so I can add a little more variety to my denim options. Also, I bought a denim shirt at the same time, to wear with my BLACK pants. I do not understand who decided multiple shades of denim in one outfit is a trendy fashion choice. I have looked and looked trying to find cute examples and I just can’t. It actually reminds me of Britney & Justin’s denim red carpet outfits that are just horrific!

I always try to find something positive to say even when I am on the NO side of a fashion debate trend, so today I say this..

If the trend is based around getting that 70’s Vibe, I can get on board with that. Adorable 70’s inspired outfits pictured, below.

With that said, let’s try to avoid almost every outfit pictured on this 70’s Vibe- Denim- Trend Report.


As always, have fun with your fashion! Be you! Oh and.. have a great weekend! 🙂



Senior Spotlight: Jasmine

Jasmine is a senior at Apoka High School. It seems there is not much she doesn’t do! She is graduating with Presidential Awards, Gold Academic Awards and is in the top five percent of her senior class. She is also in the Jasmine F138331-141.jpgtop students in the Medical Magnet program. Her school activities include being captain of the dance team, a basketball cheerleader, a performer in Bel Canto and a member of the English Honor Society! She doesn’t stop there, she has also volunteered her time at Florida Hospital and the Sharing Center and helped raise funds for the NASCAR foundation. After graduating this year she is going to study nursing a specialize in pediatrics. With that training, she hopes to be a neonatal nurse practitioner. We asked Jasmine what unique experiences she brings to her studies and she told us, “My Hispanic Puerto Rican culture has given me unique experiences in language, music and traditions that give me a unique view point on many subjects”. We are sure this accomplished senior is going to do just fine after graduating and will go on to do great things! Good luck Jasmine!

Senior Spotlight: Andrew

Andrew F132311-528

Today’s Spotlight is Andrew! He is a senior at Ocoee High School. After graduation he is going to attend Valencia to study art and communication. We found his career plans extremely intriguing! Andrew told us that he wants to become a Mangaka, which I did have to look up, and found out that it is a Japanese comic book author.  When asked what he is most looking forward to after he graduates, Andrew said “going to college then after I graduate moving to Japan to study Japanese animation”. Andrew we want to wish you good luck on your future endeavors and hope you enjoy the rest of your senior year!

Friday Fashion Debate: Fringe

I won’t even waste time telling you how I feel about this Spring 2016 trend because I am just so excited to see this is the 2016 trend list. FRINGE Ladies and Gentleman.. I LOVE FRINGE!

In several of the recent runway shows, fringe has made a definite comeback. Did I love every single fringe adorned item? The answer is no, I didn’t like very many at all but it wasn’t the fringe additions that I disliked. Here are some runway examples but honestly, I probably wouldn’t be caught in any of these. Maybe I would wear the two white ones but the others are not going to be in my dream closet this year.


When I went on Pinterest ( I found some really cute pieces that I would love to have! One of which is a pair of fringe heels and I actually hate high heels, and yes I know this is strange for a 26 year old girly girl but I would make an exception for these shoes! Another is a fringe skirt which I admit I am slightly obsessing over. For those who don’t really want to wear fringe though, a great idea to include this trend in your wardrobe is a fringe purse which you guessed it, I also LOVE!

Well, you clearly know how which side I am on with this fashion debate. Are you not a fan of fringe? Tell us why you don’t particularly like this trend in the comments!


Senior Spotlight: Brooke

Brooke F139646-033

Brooke is a senior at Lake Highland Prep School. She is in the National Honors Society and the French Honors Society. When asked about her school activities, we learned about a unique program called Project Magic. Brooke gave us a brief explanation about what she does in this program, “I go to hospitals and teach sick children magic tricks”. She has a unique talent for magic and is also a musician! Ms.Bryant her English teacher is an inspiration to her and we understand why after she told us this , “She was in the circus and worked at the Globe Theater”. After graduating Brooke plans to live in Seattle and hopes to go to school for Psychology and be a Psychologist one day! Enjoy your senior year Brooke and good luck in Seattle!

Friday Fashion Debate: Winter Shorts

Today’s fashion debate is based off of something I have seen done badly time after time. In fact, I have seen it badly so many times that I didn’t even think it was possible for this look to be cute at all. However, like any good blogger should do, I hit the web in search of cute examples of this fashion idea and I did find several!

In case you aren’t quite sure what I am talking about from the title, it’s the idea of wearing your summer shorts in the winter by simply putting on a pair of tights or leggings. In my opinion, throwing on some cut off denim shorts with your leggings or tights is not a good look. This is what I see done typically and it looks like you didn’t want to buy pants for the winter. Also, most times when you see this, the shorts probably aren’t quite covering everything they should so putting on a layer underneath looks like an attempt to make your inappropriate shorts wearable. My least favorite part of this look is when it is layered with boots and knee high socks. When done that way it breaks up the leg in to so many parts and is just an overload of layers on your legs.


I was skeptical to believe that there was a cute way to wear this look. However, I was proven wrong when I went to Pinterest for inspiration. The key appears to be the style of shorts. Some of my favorites were solid black shorts with sheer black tights or shorts in a more “Winter” like fabric with a nice sweater or jacket and a fun scarf. My favorite look of all was black leather shorts with tights and a fur vest over a long sleeve shirt. Here are a few examples so you can have a visual idea as well.

I don’t plan to unpack my summer shorts, but if you do, or perhaps you never put them away, I suggest checking out our Pinterest page for some inspiration on fashion forward ways to wear your shorts in the winter!

Senior Spotlight: Giara

Giara F138972-163 Giara is a senior at Harrison School for the Arts. She is extremely involved in theater and even spent time volunteering at summer camps and helping other schools put on plays. Giara aspires to be a professional actress but doesn’t want to stop there! She would also like to be a screen writer and novelist. With a positive attitude like she has, I am sure she will reach her goals and so much more. She told us, “I never give up on my dreams, I keep going”. After she graduates and starts college, she is looking forward to having her independence and experiencing a new part of her life while pursuing her career in the arts. Good luck on your future endeavors Giara! We will keep an eye out for you on the big screen!