Senior Spotlight: Victoria

Victoria is not only getting ready to finish up her senior year at Zephyrhills High but is also simultaneously working on her Associate in Arts Degree at Pasco-Hernando State College! She will receive both her High School Diploma and Associates at the end of this school year. Next, she plans on going to New York to get her BA and she is not stopping there! She hopes to attend Stanford University one day to get her Masters in Business. Victoria told us she is planning to climb the corporate ladder all the way until she gets an office on the top floor of a tall building with a view of the city. This drive has not come without influences though. When we asked Victoria about influential people in her life, she told us her mother is the most inspiring person in her life and told us this, “She survived cancer a few years ago with four months of chemo and six surgeries and she has taught me all about perseverance.” She also left us with this quote and that is how we will end this spotlight on this inspiring senior, “She believed she could, so she did.”Victoria F199220-052


On behalf of the team here at Leonard’s Photography, we would like to wish you a very

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you are enjoying this time with your family and friends wherever that may be! When you read this, I am sure I will be in Texas surrounded by my family having a day full of laughs and happiness and I wish the same for you!



Senior Spotlight: Breanna


Breanna attends Lake Gibson High School and is in the top 10 in her class! She is involved in several school activities and in her spare time outside of school, she participates in community service. She has volunteered with MADD, the SPCA and Toys for Tots. Breanna’s main career goal is to help people so she has decided to study Psychology and is hoping to work in mental health either as a therapist or perhaps a social worker. She is inspired by her teacher Mrs. Baine and said this when asked to explain how she inspired her, “I hope to have the passion and love she has for her career for mine.” Breanna we see big things in your future! Enjoy your senior year!

Friday Fashion Debate: Holiday Wear

With it being my last Friday Fashion Debate before the holiday, I decided it is appropriate to discuss holiday wear. Truthfully, I absolutely love all of the holidays, and love to dress in fun attire! Earlier in the month I was rocking my Jack Skellington Santa hat from one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time, Nightmare Before Christmas. Then this week alone I have worn a shirt with joy written in red glitter earlier in the week, a Santa hat with my outfit yesterday for our work luncheon, and my favorite Christmas item with my outfit today, my red cowboy boots! I am going for the Frosty the Snowman look today, sort of. Long white shirt with a black scarf and red boots.

So as far as this fashion debate is concerned, I am on the side of GO FOR IT! However, I know some people who despise the fact that we use the month of December to wear holiday shirts and tacky Christmas sweaters and silly reindeer ears and ornament earrings. To those people I say, BAH HUMBUG! Although I say that all in fun, because I know it is a little silly, and some just aren’t in to the holidays as much as others. I might not have sweaters with reindeer all over them or a box of jewelry all made out of fake Christmas lights and ornaments, but I am definitely not bothered by those that do. I admit my holiday fashion is probably on the more toned down side but I still enjoy it and it makes me smile to put on a fun Christmas shirt and blast my Christmas music at my desk. 

All of my fashion debate posts have one thing in common, I want you to be you! So whether it is a fashion statement I agree with or not, just be you!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season full of joy!!

PS- If you own the Santa Dress in the photos on the right, I want to know! I am still on the fence on that one. 🙂

Leonard’s Annual Christmas Luncheon

Here at Leonard’s Photography, we are lucky to have an amazing team that keeps our office going!

Today was our Annual Christmas Luncheon. We all enjoyed some delicious BBQ and had a beautiful cake for dessert! This is a great way for us to show everyone how much we appreciate them and celebrate the holiday with all of the wonderful employees before they take off for the holiday.

That reminds me, to those of you who are readers of this blog along with being a Leonard’s customer, our office is closed starting December 21st and will not return until January 4th.

Happy Holidays Everyone!



Senior Spotlight: Ashlyn

Ashlyn is an extremely accomplished student! She received the Outstanding English Award and participates in National Honors Society, Beta Club, Book Club and the National English Society. She won first place at an MMA/ Jiu-Jitsu Tournament and was promoted to green belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After graduation sAshlyn F138681-124he is planning to study medicine and attend medical school one day and is looking forward to traveling. She hopes to study abroad one day and experience Europe!  When asked who had played an influential role in her life she said “My advanced placement physics
teacher- he always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself”.

Senior Spotlight: Katelyn

Katelyn is currently involved in Student Council and FFA with her school. She also participates in several community service projects such as Relay for Life and GAP and spends time volunteering at Retirement Homes and the food bank. She told us that her mom has been a very influential person in her life. “She taught me to be who I am and always strive for more.” After she graduates she is looking forwKatleyn F133556-323ard to experiencing what it is like to be an adult and earning her own money. She plans to study nuclear medicine so that she can help people in the medical field.

16th Annual Reindeer Run in St Augustine

This weekend some of our wonderful Leonard’s Team participated in the 16th Annual Reindeer Run in Saint Augustine which benefits the Boys & Girls Club of NE Florida. We had a great group participate and everyone had fun dressing festive with fun holiday socks and silly antlers or Santa hats.

We met at the office which is just a few blocks away from the start line. As race time approached, we started our walk to the start line, weaving in and out of parade participants. There were plenty of fun floats and costumes to look at and the holiday spirit was high! As we walked, what had started as a light drizzle turned into a more steady rain. By the time we got to the start line where he had to get safety pins and turn in our registration forms, we all looked a bit disheveled.

Shortly after, it was time to line up for the race to begin! The majority of our team took off running but there were a group who decided this was not the day to run. The rain continued and we were all soaking wet but runners & walkers alike all crossed the finish line eventually so that is all that matters! We quickly snapped a few more photos and dispersed so that everyone could get out of the rain and get home to change out of soaking we clothes.

We were so happy to be sponsors of this event and do what we can to help the Boys & Girls Clubs of NE Florida!

Reindeer Run.jpg

There is a part to this day that I haven’t mentioned yet. It was after our team had dispersed and it was just myself and my fiance. We decided to stop for breakfast before heading home to clean up and dry off. Soaking wet, we walked into the restaurant and the hostess seated us. She was very concerned with my soaking wet t-shirt and as she sat us, she kept telling me I was going to get a cold being that wet inside the cold restaurant. I assured her I was ok and she walked away. Within a few minutes, she came back to our table with a jacket and told me it was her jacket that she had worn to work that day. She said she wanted to me wear it and take it home because she just couldn’t bare the idea of me getting sick so close to Christmas. I politely declined at first but after looking into her eyes and seeing the genuine concern, I thanked her and took the jacket and assured her I would give it back before we left the restaurant. We ate our breakfast and I really was thankful to have her jacket because it had started to get very cold sitting there under the AC with my wet clothes. When we went to leave I took off the jacket and handed it to her and told her how much it had meant to me to be shown such kindness. We hugged and she wished us a Merry Christmas which we of course responded by wishing her a Merry Christmas right back. I had to tell this story because this woman didn’t know me, she had nobody making her do this, she just simply saw someone in need and showed them kindness, expecting nothing in return. This holiday season, try to remember this story when you see someone in need. Reach out and touch someone’s life like this woman did for me, I know I plan to!


Leader in Me- Inspirational 5th Grader

The little girl in this video blows me away! The elegance she speaks with and the confidence she has is truly amazing. The Leader in Me is such an amazing program. Here at Leonard’s, we are truly proud to be a part of such a wonderful program.

EDU151040_FL_Web_Ads_[v1.0.0]_H[1] (2)

What thoughts come to mind when you hear the term “leader”? Most people think of positions of leadership, like: CEO, president, principal, coach, boss, etc. However, a bright 5th grade student expressed her thoughts about leadership in a very different way at a Brooklyn, NY Symposium.

Click here

Friday Fashion Debate: High Waist Pants

For this Friday’s Fashion Debate, I went to Facebook. I wanted to see what the girls on my personal page would say. I asked for their favorite trends or most hated trends and more than one person brought up how much they dislike high waist pants and truthfully, I must agree with them.

Half of you may get extremely angry with me on this one, I am aware. Just understand, we can’t agree on everything! 🙂

I did have a friend mention she likes the trend. Her comment came with restrictions though. Her opinion is that they look good with a tight tucked in shirt. I will say, if I had to pick a way to wear them, that is probably one of the sleeker ways. With that being said, if you are wondering if I am just being nice, I am. Realistically, I just do not like the trend. However, I will provide you with a photo of this styling option so that you can form an opinion yourself.12295329_10207857989636559_5823271506700446728_n.jpg

These are all photos of beautiful women. Their choice in pant style doesn’t change that. Everyone should dress in what makes them happy and what makes them feel good. So if you like to rock high waist pants, go for it! I in no way intend to deter the fashionistas reading this to base their style off of my opinion. That is why this is a “Fashion Debate”, some hate the trends and some love them.

Either way, let me know your feelings on high waist pants! Do you love them? Do you think they are awful? Do you prefer them styled a certain way or would you refuse to wear them if somebody paid you? Let us know!