Friday Fashion Debate: Ponchos

This trend was in the fashion forecast earlier this year but weather did not allow for much use of the poncho. Now that temperatures are finally starting to drop (well kind of here in Florida) we can all go shopping for a fashion forward poncho!

I do agree with fashion gurus that this is a fun trend. I have one in particular with fringe on the sleeves that I absolutely adore! It is a light fabric and mostly white with a unique blue trim so I like to wear it with a great pair of dark skinny jeans and camel colored boots.

When searching for pictures of this trend, most are either solid colors or maybe a nice stripe or plaid. However, one of my best friends made a great point when we were discussing this trend. She said that one thing to remember is that you have to be careful with the print, or it may end up looking like you need a sombrero to accompany your poncho! I have to agree because I did see a few pictures come up where it looked more like a costume than a fashionable wardrobe staple. You can definitely enjoy a fun pattern with your poncho but just remember to make sure the color palette works and you keep the rest of your outfit in check.

Of course I wouldn’t leave you to fend for yourself and have to go out searching for examples! I have included a “bad poncho” and a “good poncho” photo below. Just in case some of you aren’t sure which is which, bad poncho on the left and good poncho on the right. 🙂


With it being a holiday, I won’t take up much of your time. I just want to thank those who take time to read our posts and know that here at Leonard’s Photography, we are thankful for you! We hope that you have an amazing day spending time with your family and friends enjoying delicious food made with love!


Thanksgiving Post

Senior Spotlight: Sheldina

Helping others is a great trait to have, Sheldina wants to make a career out of it! She hopes to major in psychology in college and become a Clinical Psychologist. Sheldina told us she uses spoken word and free verse poetry to help fight the struggles in her life. She is a fan of the arts, with Edgar Allen Poe as her favorite Sheldina F135995-293writer and Frida Kahlo as her favorite artist. She is level-headed and driven, which is exactly what we look for in a Senior Spotlight. Someone so sweet must have an amazing influence, so we asked Sheldina who hers was: “My father provided and raised my younger brother as well as myself on his own. I aspire to be as brave as him.”

Hunger Games- Mockingjay Part 2

As most of the world already knows, today is the release of Mockingjay Part 2! This series took off like fire! (hmm I hope all of you caught that) 🙂

Since the beginning it has continued to gather steam and has just become bigger and bigger and it all leads up to the big release of the final film today!

I am a fan of the Hunger Games series. I read the books first of course, all book lovers know this is a must! I have to say though, the movies were no disappointment.

For some reason my crazy book turned movie love has flamed out a little though. I didn’t buy any midnight showing tickets nor do I have set plans as to when I will actually go see the movie. This is no reflection on the quality of this series. I truly feel the books were developed to film wonderfully! All I can say is that I will be seeing it, so don’t go spoil the ending! Oh wait.. I already did that by reading the books first. 🙂

I love that about movies like this. All of you who run out and see a movie or watch a show right as it comes on and blast the ending on social media can easily ruin the experience for the rest of us. With movies developed from books, I’m not worried. I know how it ends!

For those of you who do go see it this weekend, feel free to share your ratings of the film with us!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Hunger Games

Friday Fashion Debate: Black & White Stripes

stripesToday’s fashion debate is a bit personal for me. I have a few articles of clothing with black and white stripes and they don’t see much daylight these days. As soon as I go to grab one of them out of the closet, I hear my fiance saying “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” With that being said, I have on several instances heard that black and white stripes are going to be prominent in the fashion world in 2016. Was I just ahead of the trend? I like to think that is true. However, I don’t think I will ever be able to walk out of the house wearing one of my striped pieces without him referring to me as the trouble making ghost in the black and white striped suit named Beetlejuice.

I know what you’re thinking.. wear it anyway! The real problem is, after hearing him saying it a few times, I can’t look at black and white stripes without thinking the same thing! When I saw this come up as a trend in 2016 on several reliable fashion sources I laughed and quietly said “Beetlejuice, Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice” under my breath.

There are definitely ways to follow this trend on a less dramatic scale. We don’t have to cover our entire bodies in stripes. You could wear a striped t-shirt with a solid color blazer or sweater and a nice pair of jeans or maybe a black and white striped skirt with a simple shirt tucked in. Possibly go even more simple than that and throw on a black and white striped scarf over a long shirt with leggings (hopefully you read my post on leggings) and some cute boots.

I think I will go home and reevaluate my striped pieces. I can find ways to tone down
the Beetlejuice feel a little bit! Either way, I think I know what I will be for Halloween next year! The perfect opportunity to have fun dressing up on Halloween while also staying on point with the trends of 2016!

I leave you with this, no matter what the trend is or how you feel about, just be you!


Senior Spotlight: Amanda

Amanda F151406-46We have another Senior Spotlight! Amanda is part of National Honor Society and National English Honor Society, DECA, basketball, and bowling. She says she is a strong communicator, which compliments her goal of being in the Marketing field after high school. Not only is she a hard worker with solid goals, but she is compassionate. She attributes some of that to Miss Farris, her teacher, who taught Amanda about worldwide unity and peace. We wanted to know what else made her so driven to work hard and she said “When my stepdad became a quadriplegic during my sophomore year. I persevered by maintaining a high GPA while helping my mom take care of my brothers.” You are so inspiring Amanda, we wish you the best of luck!

Friday Fashion Debate- Leggings

Onec52d794cca9857804f14743ce78f31ef of the biggest debates we are seeing in the fashion world right now is…LEGGINGS! Are they pants? Are they tights? Do you wear them as a staple piece of your wardrobe or are they only for nights at home curled up on the couch? Personally, I love leggings but in my opinion there are rules to wearing them.

First and foremost, if you are going to leave the house in your leggings, you must wear a long shirt or a dress or skirt. The biggest problem with leggings is when you fail to wear the correct length top. Leggings are not pants and therefore you must judge your choice of top based off of that one simple truth.

Secondly, get the right length legging! The perfect legging ends right around your ankle. After awhile your leggings may start getting shorter and shorter and at that point it is time to retire them to lounging around the house. Of course if you put on a great pair of boots nobody can tell what length your leggings are so then this rule doesn’t matter. However, if you are wearing sandals, ballet flats or ankle boots then you definitely need to pay close attention to the length of your legging.

Here is my last rule on leggings, although there are plenty of other comments to be made. Have fun with your leggings! There are so many different colors, patterns and styles of leggings. Keep in mind not every pair flatters every body type but you can have so much fun with your wardrobe if you find the right pair for you. You can buy fun patterns to pair with simple tops or maybe some with a shine to glam your comfy outfit up a bit. Leggings are the perfect accessory for Fall & Winter and after watching the weather report, it appears we will finally be getting some fall temperatures this weekend!

Feel free to let us know how you feel about leggings or any tips you may have on wearing them. Also, stay tuned for more Fashion Debates!

Senior Spotlight: Kevin

Kevin keeps life simple. He doesn’t overstretch himself, but he wrestles, plays electric guitar, and hopes to be in the military after high school. He worked for a landscaping company and said it taught him how to really have a work ethic. He is also eagerly awaiting his Senior trip to Poland! We wanted to know who inspires Justin and he told us “Ms. Justice. She believes I can do anything and she cares about me which makes me care about school.” Have an awesome rest of your Senior year, Kevin!Kevin F136183-378