Senior Pictures: Wear Your Personality!

Leonard’s has a huge Senior Photography branch. It is fun for me because I get to go to a ton of the shoots and get a glimpse of people’s personalities. Part of capturing that personality is the clothing these students wear. The way we dress and present ourselves tells the world around us something about us. If you dress very causally, you may be more laid back, or if you like some of your shots to be in your prom dress or a suit, you may be more formal and appreciate a classic look.

The thing I find interesting is how similar the fashion can be! This could just be that people have very similar tastes, or it could be that people like to play it safe.  We live in a time where being eclectic is celebrated. Combat boots, black lipstick, flowy tops, high waisted jeans, a throwback to the fashion of past generations. All of this is in style, which is exciting! When I come across someone with their own look, I take note and find a way to show off their pictures because they tend to look so confident in their photos! This may be because they feel like they are truly being themselves. Here are a few examples:022 038 646

So Seniors (or Juniors who are soon to be seniors), all I ask is that you wear what makes you feel the best about yourself! And it is okay if your look is outside the box. Your fashion can show your personality, so when it comes to your style: Be loud. Be daring. Be bold.

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