Covering Chords

Let’s talk music. We haven’t. I love it. So we need to. Everyone has their favorites and I’m here to show you some twists on those favorite. Today, I am going to focus on female-based renditions.

Let me begin with Kate Davis alongside Postmodern Jukebox and their jazz inspired cover of All About That Base by Meghan Trainor.  The way Meghan sings the song already lends itself to a vintage sound, and this version just throws it over the top. When the band comes in for the chorus, it hits a new point of perfection. Do yourselves a favor and indulge in this cover. Click HERE to watch!  

I’m not a big Justin Bieber fan. I’m sorry if you’re offended, but he just rubs me the wrong way. That being said, his song Boyfriend didn’t completely bother me, I knew it had potential. It turns out, the potential I heard would be achieved by another band altogether: Marina and the Diamonds. Now, the original is a thing of the past. Click HERE to watch!

Most of you will know this one from the Juno soundtrack. While the soundtrack was filled with amazing, quirky music to match an equally adorable and quirky story line, this gem was on there.  Phil Phillips (not to be confused with Phillip Phillips) originally sang Sea of Love but only the melodic voice of Cat Power can make it this alluring. Click HERE to watch!

I am a Nashville (the show) fanatic. So, from the beginning, I’ve been obsessed with Maisy and Lennon Stella. The two real life sisters play the daughters of Rayna James on the show. When I heard their cover of “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers, I was hooked! Their voices are beautiful and soulful for girls who are so young. It just goes to show you can achieve some amazing things. The recently cover Charli XCX’x “Boom Clap” and once again, outdid themselves. Click HERE to watch!

Obviously, there are so many more covers that are equally amazing. Hello Giggles recently compiled a pretty amazing list, some of these are even on there (! What are some of your favorite covers?

Stop for Cuteness! Scary Cuteness…

Once in a while, you just need a blog post about adorable animals. It’s good for the mind. That being said, it is more interesting to talk about animals that lure you in with cuteness but then turn crazy! This list of animals are like the animal kingdom version of Snapped.  So without further ado, let’s look at these cute little psychos. 

We’ll begin with the Blue-Ringed Octopus. These little cuties grow to just 5-7 inches. They are a grey/beige color while swimming octopusbut once agitated, they develop 50-60 blue rings that shine with color, warning whatever, or whoever, has disturbed them to back up! They float around sandy, shallow parts of water off the shores of Australia and the western Indo-Pacific. They seem cute, beautiful even if you see them floating around, but watch your step! These little guys will bite and their tiny mouth can inject enough poison to paralyze and kill a grown adult male in minutes. Worst part? No known antidote.

This next little guy hit my radar when a video went viral of a Slow loris eating a rice ball! His big eyes and slow movements make you want to squeeze him like your favorite teddy bear and never let him go! However, don’t let the extreme cuteness fslow lorisool you! The Slow loris is one of the only poisonous mammals in the world. They have a poison gland on their elbows and they’ll lick the substance and mix it with their saliva which activates the poison. They will also rub the poison on their fur to ensure their safety.


Are you dying yet? There’s more! When you hear Pufferfish, you may think of the little guy in the tank on Finding Nemo. puffer fish While the movie is accurate in the visual representation of the Pufferfush, it leaves out the darker side…These guys will bob along with their smiling fish faces until threatened. They then use their ability to suck in large amounts of water to blow up to several times their normal size. This coupled with their spiky outsides make them impossible for prey to eat. But, the icing on the cake is there is enough toxin in one Pufferfish to kill 30 adult humans, and there is no known antidote.

I hope this helped break up the monotony of your day! Here are some honorable mentions that may not be poisonous, but are still deadly:


This Moose  They are very large and aggressive, particularly when guarding their young.moose

This Giant Anteater whose claws can disembowel a human in one swift motion.anteater

Senior Pictures: Wear Your Personality!

Leonard’s has a huge Senior Photography branch. It is fun for me because I get to go to a ton of the shoots and get a glimpse of people’s personalities. Part of capturing that personality is the clothing these students wear. The way we dress and present ourselves tells the world around us something about us. If you dress very causally, you may be more laid back, or if you like some of your shots to be in your prom dress or a suit, you may be more formal and appreciate a classic look.

The thing I find interesting is how similar the fashion can be! This could just be that people have very similar tastes, or it could be that people like to play it safe.  We live in a time where being eclectic is celebrated. Combat boots, black lipstick, flowy tops, high waisted jeans, a throwback to the fashion of past generations. All of this is in style, which is exciting! When I come across someone with their own look, I take note and find a way to show off their pictures because they tend to look so confident in their photos! This may be because they feel like they are truly being themselves. Here are a few examples:022 038 646

So Seniors (or Juniors who are soon to be seniors), all I ask is that you wear what makes you feel the best about yourself! And it is okay if your look is outside the box. Your fashion can show your personality, so when it comes to your style: Be loud. Be daring. Be bold.