Love it or Leave it: Denim Jackets!

Okay, I am just going to say it right off the bat. We love denim jackets! That being said, I still feel as though this article of clothing deserves a spot on our ‘Love it or Leave it’ feature. People always seem to second guess jean jackets. Let’s face it: we all own one! But how often do we wear it? I always seem to hesitate when I come across it in my (awesome) closet. Anyways, jean jackets can transform any outfit into a multi-dimensional look! (Denim jackets over maxis are a personal favorite, but I digress!) Are there really denim jacket criticizers? Yes! There are those who bash jean jackets all the time, which makes them qualified “Love it or Leave it’ items! So, what do you think? Do you love ‘em? Or should we kick them to the curb? (*sigh*) Let us know what you think!





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