History Lessons: Leonard’s At the Turn of the New Millennium!

This week we are focusing on the time period of 2000-2005. Leonard’s experienced a great push in technological advancements during the first part of this decade! In early 2000, we replaced one of our four-color offset presses with a new five color and we installed a new film processor to handle the increase in capacity of our Lab. We also installed our second AGFA (Package Print Lab) System. By 2003, we replaced one of our four-color Offset presses with a new model. This increased the maximum capacity on one shift to 80 million pages per year.


In 2004, we installed our first high speed Digital Photo Printer. By this point, film was completely phased out and we were 100% digital. This was a major shift in how our Lab operated. We then purchased a photo packaging system to work with this new printing technology which yielded 450 packages per hour. By the end of 2005, we installed our first Indigo Digital Offset printing press. This is used for printing yearbooks, photo proofs, price lists, brochures, business cards, etc. This machine prints 4,000 unique pages per hour! By this point in time, Len Tucker, our President, is the architect of our own proprietary digital camera software-LensCam™. This program was a necessary addition to fulfill our growing needs, especially when the software available on the market could not meet them.


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