Leonard’s Visual and Creative Marketing Department

The Visual and Creative Marketing Department creates all of the marketing materials for Leonard’s Photography. This includes everything from flyers and product catalogs, to marketing presentations, company videos, and social media materials. The team consists of Claudia Dencer, Director of School Relations and Marketing, Ali Knoll, Marketing Coordinator, Robert Parker, Creative Design Coordinator, John Azula, Digital Media Coordinator, and Blanche Joslin, Digital Media Producer. “Everything we do is a collaboration, with all of us offering advice, ideas, help, and opinions on the work we’re creating. We’re truly a cohesive team in that way,” said Blanche Joslin.

Developing this department was a priority of Leonard’s. “Marketing is essential in all that we do. It is not just for selling, but to really showcase the products we have,” said Claudia Dencer. Team members contribute their own skills and point of view to the various projects they work on. “It is important to have a team with different perspectives so that the marketing campaigns are visually appealing and they will attract the customer,” Claudia said.

VisCreative Marketing Team

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