Matthew Altenbach Reflects on Leonard’s Success

Matthew Altenbach has worked as a photographer for Leonard’s Photography since 1987 and doesn’t hesitate when paying accolades to the entire Tucker family for the success of Leonard’s. Over the years, Matthew has witnessed Leonard’s dedication to success and commitment to amazing family experiences.

            “You can easily tell how it has worked its way through the generations. It all started with Leonard R. Tucker Sr. He was an absolute genius, doing all of the mechanical aspects of the operation himself, designing equipment and software building, and maintaining an incredible work ethic,” Matthew says, “A work ethic which obviously spilled over to Len [Leonard R. Tucker Jr., President], Claudia [his granddaughter, Director of School Relations and Marketing], and Randy [his grandson, Director of Operations]. Even all of the hard work Jean [Treasurer] contributes. Things definitely run smoothly thanks to her hard work and dedication.” He considers that work ethic to be the strength of Leonard’s. “When you are a non-family member of a family-run company, and you see the family members working so hard, it just inspires everybody to all work hard,” Matthew continues. “We are all on the same team here that is for sure.”

            Matthew also doesn’t hesitate to point out how much he enjoys working for Leonard’s and how fortunate he is to be in such a great profession, photographing young people. “I have worked in photo studios since I was 15 and learned photography at that age. I am now 51, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed it every step of the way,” he says. “It definitely keeps you young, and I think that is because young people will give you that quick smile that sets the tone and makes it fun.” Photography is such a personal practice. Matthew definitely focuses on making the whole experience lively and upbeat. “The senior portrait experience is one of those lifetime memories – not only for the student but also for the parents as well. It’s up to us to make sure it’s an enjoyable one for all involved.”

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