History Lessons: Leonard’s At the Turn of the New Millennium!

This week we are focusing on the time period of 2000-2005. Leonard’s experienced a great push in technological advancements during the first part of this decade! In early 2000, we replaced one of our four-color offset presses with a new five color and we installed a new film processor to handle the increase in capacity of our Lab. We also installed our second AGFA (Package Print Lab) System. By 2003, we replaced one of our four-color Offset presses with a new model. This increased the maximum capacity on one shift to 80 million pages per year.


In 2004, we installed our first high speed Digital Photo Printer. By this point, film was completely phased out and we were 100% digital. This was a major shift in how our Lab operated. We then purchased a photo packaging system to work with this new printing technology which yielded 450 packages per hour. By the end of 2005, we installed our first Indigo Digital Offset printing press. This is used for printing yearbooks, photo proofs, price lists, brochures, business cards, etc. This machine prints 4,000 unique pages per hour! By this point in time, Len Tucker, our President, is the architect of our own proprietary digital camera software-LensCam™. This program was a necessary addition to fulfill our growing needs, especially when the software available on the market could not meet them.


Senior Spotlight: Melody

This week we are pleased to announce that our Senior Spotlight is Melody from Lake Nona High School. This amazing senior is a member of the National Honor Society, French Honor Society, and National Society of High School Scholars. Melody is also a member of her school’s drama club, chorus, and she spends time volunteering at her local YMCA and the Children’s Home of Central Florida. Melody is fortunate to have the guidance and support of her AP Language teacher. “She helped me believe in myself and trust the skills that were hidden within me. Not only did she help me become a better writer, she helped me with becoming a more confident person,” Melody said.

Upon graduating from high school, she is most looking forward to traveling more. She plans to attend college where she will study medicine. Her most challenging undertaking thus far has been adjusting to life in the U.S “Moving to the U.S two years ago was definitely a challenge. I persevered by believing in myself and really dedicating myself. I am now at the top 15% of my class,” Melody said. When asked if a photo is truly worth a thousand words, Melody said, “Yes! A picture allows you to express your feelings and personality. Pictures are meant to inspire, to entertain, or simply capture a moment which you never want to forget.” Keep up the great work, Melody!


History Lesson: The Nineties Part 2!


As many of you know, Leonard’s experienced incredible innovations in digital technology during the nineties. Last week we discussed the first part of the decade. During the second half of the nineties, Leonard’s purchased its first CTP (Computer to Plate) plate setter. This device phased out the litho camera technology that was used for the past three decades. By 1996 we began the conversion of yearbooks to computer design. It was also during the time that Randy Sellers, Leonard’s Director of Operations, created templates for panel flowing via a database and wrote the Apple Script code to drive QuarkXPress page layout software. Then in 1997, Leonard’s celebrated 50 years in School Photography! To end out the decade, in 1999, Leonard’s purchased it’s first of two Print Package Lab systems for AGFA. This greatly streamlined our photographic lab with four main pieces of equipments:   1. Sun Server, 2. The film edit station, 3. Film printer with the ability to read film density and color for better accuracy, 4. Photo Packaging System that had the ability to cut and insert photos per order into an envelope and apply customer labels.


Leonard’s Visual and Creative Marketing Department

The Visual and Creative Marketing Department creates all of the marketing materials for Leonard’s Photography. This includes everything from flyers and product catalogs, to marketing presentations, company videos, and social media materials. The team consists of Claudia Dencer, Director of School Relations and Marketing, Ali Knoll, Marketing Coordinator, Robert Parker, Creative Design Coordinator, John Azula, Digital Media Coordinator, and Blanche Joslin, Digital Media Producer. “Everything we do is a collaboration, with all of us offering advice, ideas, help, and opinions on the work we’re creating. We’re truly a cohesive team in that way,” said Blanche Joslin.

Developing this department was a priority of Leonard’s. “Marketing is essential in all that we do. It is not just for selling, but to really showcase the products we have,” said Claudia Dencer. Team members contribute their own skills and point of view to the various projects they work on. “It is important to have a team with different perspectives so that the marketing campaigns are visually appealing and they will attract the customer,” Claudia said.

VisCreative Marketing Team

Leonard’s Style Report: Precious Metals

This season we have seen tons of metallic hues cross the runways! We have seen some amazing pieces including skater skirts, jackets, and hand bags. Metallic hues add some edge to any look. So, definitely snatch up a metallic look for your wardrobe. They pair well with bold graphic prints and vibrant colors. This futuristic style has become so popular with designers. We love where this is trend!

 metallic jacket

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Love it or Leave it: Paint Splattered Jeans

This season we have seen a number of paint splattered items crossing the runways. What is the most popular, you ask? Paint splattered denim! Designers like Alice + Olivia, Almost Famous, and even Guess have embraced this season’s newest paint splattered trend. What do you guys think? Do you love this edgy look and want to embrace your inner artist? Or is this look better off on a drop cloth?

 paint plattered denim

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Senior Spotlight: Keani

This week we are proud to announce that our Senior Spotlight is Keani from Apopka High School. This awesome senior will be graduating with honors in the spring. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the National Thespian Society. Upon graduating from high school, Keani plans to attend college to study medicine. “I would like to specialize in pediatrics. I have always enjoyed working with children! Having the opportunity to work with them while helping them would be a dream to come true,” she said. When asked if a picture is truly worth a thousand words, Keani said, “A picture is definitely worth a thousand words!” Keep up the great work, Keani! We know you will go far!


History Lesson: The Nineties!

The 1990’s was a decade that experienced incredible innovations in digital technology. It was a time that we at Leonard’s are very proud of so we will be covering this time period this month and next month! During the early 90’s, we installed our second full color printing press which allowed us to print over 130 million full color copiers per year. We also purchased the first of two new long roll film scanners from Kodak. This scanner came with the ability to scan film with hundreds of images via the aid of a film drive. Unfortunately, it was delivered with the film drive inoperable. Our current President, Leonard Tucker Jr., wrote a script for the program in order to make it work. This gave Kodak the ability to place this and future models in dozens of labs across the U.S and aided in the birth of digital photographic input. It was also during this decade that Leonard’s purchased it’s first of three 11 inch wide digital printers from Kodak. This gave us the ability to print digital composites and streamline processes!


Matthew Altenbach Reflects on Leonard’s Success

Matthew Altenbach has worked as a photographer for Leonard’s Photography since 1987 and doesn’t hesitate when paying accolades to the entire Tucker family for the success of Leonard’s. Over the years, Matthew has witnessed Leonard’s dedication to success and commitment to amazing family experiences.

            “You can easily tell how it has worked its way through the generations. It all started with Leonard R. Tucker Sr. He was an absolute genius, doing all of the mechanical aspects of the operation himself, designing equipment and software building, and maintaining an incredible work ethic,” Matthew says, “A work ethic which obviously spilled over to Len [Leonard R. Tucker Jr., President], Claudia [his granddaughter, Director of School Relations and Marketing], and Randy [his grandson, Director of Operations]. Even all of the hard work Jean [Treasurer] contributes. Things definitely run smoothly thanks to her hard work and dedication.” He considers that work ethic to be the strength of Leonard’s. “When you are a non-family member of a family-run company, and you see the family members working so hard, it just inspires everybody to all work hard,” Matthew continues. “We are all on the same team here that is for sure.”

            Matthew also doesn’t hesitate to point out how much he enjoys working for Leonard’s and how fortunate he is to be in such a great profession, photographing young people. “I have worked in photo studios since I was 15 and learned photography at that age. I am now 51, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed it every step of the way,” he says. “It definitely keeps you young, and I think that is because young people will give you that quick smile that sets the tone and makes it fun.” Photography is such a personal practice. Matthew definitely focuses on making the whole experience lively and upbeat. “The senior portrait experience is one of those lifetime memories – not only for the student but also for the parents as well. It’s up to us to make sure it’s an enjoyable one for all involved.”

matthew a

Leonard’s Style Report: Bold Lips!

This season we have seen some seriously powerful pouts! Ladies are wearing almost every shade from the color spectrum including reds, deep purple, pastel pinks, peach, oranges, and even goth-inspired black! A bold lip compliments a wide variety of looks, especially the deeper colors of fall fashion. We love the bold lip look! Our favorites are a pop of red and a rich purple! What’s your favorite bold lip color?

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