Leonard’s Style Report: Spikes and Studs

One trend that will never go out of style is the addition of spikes and/or studs to any article of clothing or accessory. This season we have seen some pretty amazing looks adorned with spikes and studs. Countless designers have transformed look after look with these bold adornments. One of the more popular ways of rocking this trend is wearing them on collars and accessories. Our favorite? Spikes and studs embellishing leather! Will you be showing off your inner rocker with some spikes and studs this year?



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Leonard’s Senior Ambassador: Brent Terry

This month we are so excited to spotlight one of our Senior Ambassadors from Creekside High School, Brent! This rising senior is an incredible athlete. Not only does he participate in football and lacrosse, he is a member of the National Honor Society, Best Buddies, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Brent is also active in his community by refereeing flag football games and helping out with Field of Dreams. “During this time, I was able to help special needs children achieve their sports aspirations,” said Brent. Sports play a major role in Brent’s high school career. “My most memorable moment of high school would be when I experienced my first varsity football game. I worked very hard so I could contribute to my team,” Brent stated.

This hardworking senior has been extremely fortunate to have had an influential adult in his life. “Through all of my years my father has always been there for me with a positive attitude. If something bad has happened, he always works through it rather than give up,” Brent explained. This is something Brent lives by, especially during rough times. His most challenging undertaking thus far has been standing by his uncle through his battle with cancer. “I helped give him the courage to continue,” Brent said. Brent continues to maintain a positive attitude in all he does in life. When asked if a picture is truly worth a thousand words, Brent said, “Yes! A picture is worth a thousand words because it can hold so many different meanings and memories that can differ from each individual.” Keep up the great work, Brent! We know you will go very far in life!


History Lessons: The Birth of Leonard’s Photography

The 1950’s was a decade of economic growth. During the fifties there was an increase in manufacturing, large scale expansion and construction, and the emergence of the monumental Civil Rights Movement. It was also at this time that the American art movement gained worldwide influence and the rise of popular culture and mass media saw a boom in its following. 


This was a huge decade for Leonard’s Photography as well! It was during this period that our founder, Leonard R. Tucker Sr., broke away from the family business, Tucker’s Studio, and started Leonard’s Photography. By 1951, Leonard’s was photographing school children from four different counties. (This was right around the same time that our President, Leonard R. Tucker Jr., was born!)

Len_1950s_001 Linda_Len_1950s_001 Ruth_1950s_001

Linda Black Reflects on Leonard R. Tucker Sr.—A Great Visionary

By the age of eight years old, Linda Black began working for her family-run business, Leonard’s Photography. At that time, the start up company location was a modest garage setting. Nothing in comparison to the 38,000 square foot building that Leonard’s now calls home.


In 1951, Linda assisted in the hand developed process the company used. This was a series of rocking baskets that constituted a “chemical to chemical to chemical” production line. This process was created by her father, Leonard, himself. “Leonard was a self-taught engineer,” Linda says. “Dad was a great visionary. He was very diligent too. He even built his own roll processor,” she explains. A great visionary he certainly was. Even Eastman Kodak sent engineers to visit Leonard’s Photography in an attempt to seek out ideas on how to design a printer from Leonard.


“Dad was never afraid of tackling things,” says Linda. She points out that this is a characteristic that still resonates through the company to this day. “He was always hands on and was heavily involved with the design and construction of our present location, which we moved into in 1983.”


In regards to leadership, Leonard had a hands-on approach, always rolling up his sleeves and heading a vertically integrated company. This approach has had a lasting impression on Leonard’s Photography. “Everybody pitched in right from the beginning, which is probably why our company has the same characteristics today,” Linda states.


Today, Linda still loves her job as Leonard’s Vice President. She continues to put out fires and take on whatever is needed to help make the day to day operations go as smoothly as possible. “You could consider me ‘semi-retired.’ However, I still enjoy coming to work. I have a lot in my head from working here so many years that I can share with others to help the cause,” she says. “One of the things we are most proud of is the fact that we retain 85 to 90 percent of our schools. Our philosophy towards customer service has been to always be willing to make it right. And that is the way it will always be.”

Ruth_Linda_Len_1950s_002 linda resized

Love it or Leave it: Skater Skirts

We have noticed that skater skirts have been stealing the spotlight this summer! Skater skirts are fitted at the waist and flair out to create A-line shape. They come in all different patterns, colors, and fabrics. They can accompany a wide range of looks and can be worn in any season! We love skater skirts! They are fun and figure flattering. But what do you think? Do you love skater skirts? Check out some of our favorites!



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Leonard’s Style Report: How to Recycle Your Summer Looks in the Fall

Fall is such an exciting time of the year! It means cooler weather, pumpkin spiced lattes, and fall fashion! Just because the season changes, doesn’t mean you have to ditch your summer clothing and spring for a new wardrobe. On the contrary! It is important to transition your summer wardrobe into fall by adding just a few pieces that can be layered over summer staples. You can easily make an entire fall wardrobe by using your summer pieces! For instance, any one of your summer floral dresses can be paired with a pair of boots, a light jacket and some fresh accessories for an awesome summer to fall outfit! So, don’t pack away your bright colored denim, florals, and maxi dresses! You can definitely rock your summer gear all year!



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Senior Spotlight: Zoe

This week we are happy to announce that our Senior Spotlight is Zoe from Bloomingdale High School! This awesome senior will be graduating with honors next spring. She is part of the Leo Club, History Club, and RHO KAPPA Honor Society. Zoe is also active in her community by volunteering for Relay for Life, Best Buddies, the Metropolitan Ministries, and Portamento of Hope.

After graduating high school, Zoe is most looking forward to college life. Her goal is to become a dental hygienist. Her most challenging undertaking thus far was losing her dad. “I surrounded myself with friends and family. Church and school became the center of my life,” said Zoe. When asked if a picture is worth a thousand words, Zoe said, “Yes, a picture tells a lot about a person, their personality, and how they look at life and their inner soul.” Way to go, Zoe! We are so proud of you!


History Lesson: Leonard and Ruth in the 40’s

Although much of the forties felt the effects of World War II, the decade also experienced advancements in technology and the rise of popular film, music and literature. Some of you may not know this but St. Augustine was a major training post for the U.S Coast Guard. It was during this period that our founder, Leonard R. Tucker Sr., joined the Navy. He was stationed in Pensacola for training. (Soon after, their first child, Linda, was born!)


Leonard was a photographer for the Navy, mostly focusing on aerial shots where the cameras were mounted into the planes. While Leonard was in the Navy the Tuckers moved around a bit but the war ended before Leonard was ever sent overseas. It is likely that Leonard would have continued his job as a photographer if he had been sent overseas.


Once Leonard completed his time with the Navy, the Tucker family moved back to St. Augustine where they started photographing school children in 1947. At this time, they were part of the family business, also known as Tucker’s Studio. The studio was located on the famous St. George Street and the whole family lived above it; H.M Tucker and Mary in one half and Leonard, Ruth and Linda in the other. The family was extremely close. All meals were cooked and eaten together in their conjoined home. (It is important to remember that during this decade families were starting to recover from The Great Depression. Therefore, family bonds were highly coveted.)

SKMBT_C35311032209192 LT_Ruth_1940s_002 LT__Ruth_Linda_1944_001 Ruth_Linda_1943_002

Randy Sellers-Leonard’s Photography: A Way of Life

For Randy Sellers, Director of Operations of Leonard’s Photography, working at the three generation family-run business has been a way of life. Randy’s mother, Linda Black, recalls her son “cutting his teeth bagging pictures.” By the time Randy was ten he was doing every odd job presented to him.


“I have worked here for 33 years,” Randy says while thinking back to when he started. Throughout this time he has acquired an incredible wealth of knowledge. “The fact that I started so young doing every job imaginable was really good training for me,” he continues. “It gives you an appreciation of how the entire process works.”


Randy is proud to be living the legacy of his grandfather Leonard R. Tucker Sr., the founder of Leonard’s. “My grandfather was a self-taught engineer who had to quit school in the 9th grade because he had to start earning money for the family during the depression,” Randy says. “He was the ultimate “do-it-yourselfer”-like putting together a photo processor by figuring out the parts needed and going to the hardware store to buy them and put it all together.” Randy says this is a concept that still describes the genetics of the vertically integrated company. “We just figure out what needs to be done and do a lot of it on our own. Whether its clerical work, customer service, data entry, computer programming, marketing, web design and programming, it’s all done here. We even have a full time auto mechanic who fixes all of our vehicles.”


Leonard’s has 80 year round employees working in the headquarter building in St. Augustine, Florida. This numbers grows to as many as 150 during peak seasons. Randy’s role as the Director of Operations ensures that he will never have the same kind of day twice. “There is always something different going one that forces you to think on your feet a lot,” Randy states. “And that’s what makes it fun.”

staff 35_

Love it or Leave it: Harem Pants

This week’s ‘Love it or Leave it’ trend is harem pants! This bold look has been seen all over the runways and worn by celebs as well. Once again, this is a trend I am personally on the fence with. These pants do not look good on everyone. In fact, they can be quite unflattering on some. These pants tend to look best with a cinched waist and a tailored blazer or jacket. What do you think? Do you love this I Dream of Genie trend? Tell us what you think!



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