Randy Sellers-Leonard’s Photography: A Way of Life


For Randy Sellers, Director of Operations of Leonard’s Photography, working at the three generation family-run business has been a way of life. Randy’s mother, Linda Black, recalls her son “cutting his teeth bagging pictures.” By the time Randy was ten he was doing every odd job presented to him.


“I have worked here for 33 years,” Randy says while thinking back to when he started. Throughout this time he has acquired an incredible wealth of knowledge. “The fact that I started so young doing every job imaginable was really good training for me,” he continues. “It gives you an appreciation of how the entire process works.”


Randy is proud to be living the legacy of his grandfather Leonard R. Tucker Sr., the founder of Leonard’s. “My grandfather was a self-taught engineer who had to quit school in the 9th grade because he had to start earning money for the family during the depression,” Randy says. “He was the ultimate “do-it-yourselfer”-like putting together a photo processor by figuring out the parts needed and going to the hardware store to buy them and put it all together.” Randy says this is a concept that still describes the genetics of the vertically integrated company. “We just figure out what needs to be done and do a lot of it on our own. Whether its clerical work, customer service, data entry, computer programming, marketing, web design and programming, it’s all done here. We even have a full time auto mechanic who fixes all of our vehicles.”


Leonard’s has 80 year round employees working in the headquarter building in St. Augustine, Florida. This numbers grows to as many as 150 during peak seasons. Randy’s role as the Director of Operations ensures that he will never have the same kind of day twice. “There is always something different going one that forces you to think on your feet a lot,” Randy states. “And that’s what makes it fun.”

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