History Lesson: Leonard and Ruth in the 40’s

Although much of the forties felt the effects of World War II, the decade also experienced advancements in technology and the rise of popular film, music and literature. Some of you may not know this but St. Augustine was a major training post for the U.S Coast Guard. It was during this period that our founder, Leonard R. Tucker Sr., joined the Navy. He was stationed in Pensacola for training. (Soon after, their first child, Linda, was born!)


Leonard was a photographer for the Navy, mostly focusing on aerial shots where the cameras were mounted into the planes. While Leonard was in the Navy the Tuckers moved around a bit but the war ended before Leonard was ever sent overseas. It is likely that Leonard would have continued his job as a photographer if he had been sent overseas.


Once Leonard completed his time with the Navy, the Tucker family moved back to St. Augustine where they started photographing school children in 1947. At this time, they were part of the family business, also known as Tucker’s Studio. The studio was located on the famous St. George Street and the whole family lived above it; H.M Tucker and Mary in one half and Leonard, Ruth and Linda in the other. The family was extremely close. All meals were cooked and eaten together in their conjoined home. (It is important to remember that during this decade families were starting to recover from The Great Depression. Therefore, family bonds were highly coveted.)


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