History Lessons: The Roarin’ Twenties!

What was going on in St. Augustine during the twenties, you ask? A whole lot of building! Florida was experiencing an incredible land boom. In St. Augustine, we see the development of Anastasia Island including the construction of Davis Shores, a residential community. It was also during this decade that the Bridge of Lions was built. The bridge was completed in 1927, replacing the wooden, ‘Bridge to Anastasia Island’ or ‘South Beach Railroad Bridge.’ It connected the mainland of downtown St. Augustine to St. Augustine Beach.


Our founders, Leonard and Ruth, were born in the twenties. Leonard R. Tucker Sr., was born on April 25, 1922 in Akron, OH. Leonard’s parents, Mary and Hal Tucker moved to Saint Augustine in 1926 when Leonard was a mere four years old. During the depression, Hal would photograph school children and families in the various St. Augustine neighborhoods and sell the photos to their relatives to make a living. Ruth Sigwalt was born on March 14, 1922 in Fayetteville, NC. Ruth’s parents, Cassie Bell and Gustav Sigwalt travelled a lot through their ministry work. However, by the mid-twenties the Sigwalt’s settled in St. Augustine as well.




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