Claudia Dencer- Leonard’s Photography: Embracing Creativity

Upon graduating from the University of Florida, Claudia Dencer, the Director of School Relations and Marketing, was busy exploring her options for the future. Her father, Leonard R. Tucker Jr., President of Leonard’s Photography, suggested looking into one of the open photographer positions with the family business. “I quickly realized that I really liked the photography business on a full time basis, especially doing senior portraits and the creative aspect of it. It sort of took off from there,” Claudia says.


Eventually, Claudia transitioned from being a photographer to a major role in the main office of the company, moving up the ladder to become the Director of School Relations and Marketing. Fourteen years later she has never looked back. She is heavily involved in the company’s leadership as well as the follow through of the Customer Service Department.


“I have always enjoyed the creative side of just about everything we do at Leonard’s,” Claudia says. Claudia also leads the Visual and Creative Marketing Department. “You have to strike a balance between the old and the new. We like to maintain our traditional core values of handling service on a personal basis, but you also have to communicate in a modernistic way. We have to make sure our brand meets the needs of our young audience.”

Claudia emphasizes the importance of creativity, especially when meeting a young person’s needs as well as their parents. “For example, we offer an artistic piece for the senior’s best poses and that always goes over really well, and it is fun to create,” she says. “But more importantly, we are creating an experience. Our goal will always be to make that experience an extremely positive one.”


Working for the three generation family run business naturally carries both pride and responsibility, which Claudia embraces. “We pride ourselves on being a company that has done everything in-house,” she says. “It has given us so much flexibility. You can change things on the fly and not worry about having to go to someone else outside to create a product or piece of equipment. We pretty much handle all of that on our own, and I think that is our biggest strength as a company.”



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