Leonard’s Yearbooks: Memories Captured in Time!

This week we are so happy to share a post from one of our guest bloggers, Regan from our School Relations Department! Check out her post on our awesome Yearbook Season!

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to be a guest blogger for our Leonard’s social media team. While our main focus is school photography, I wanted to tune in to something else that is a big part of what we do: school yearbooks. Yearbooks are treasured items for many people. The photographs we take are not only to provide family and friends with special memories, but they are also used for our school yearbooks. We have an extensive yearbook team that puts together unique books with the help of the yearbook staff from each of our schools.

I think the yearbook production is an amazing part of what we do, because the school is hands on involved in creating their entire yearbook cover to cover! From designing the cover, to inserting pictures, we have it all covered with an array of design programs and even yearbook workshops to help make the process as smooth as possible. It is so nice to see this cumulative effort to create a wonderful remembrance.

The pages of a yearbook reflect on an entire school year of friends, activities, and the wonderful teachers and principals that guide us through our school years. I personally, still have every yearbook from my Kindergarten years and beyond. It is an extraordinary feeling to be able to look back and see where I was (and what my hair was doing!). I moved around a lot as a child and I am thankful to have these memories bound in a creative way. So, if you have an old yearbook at home, dust it off and take a look back in time. It will surely make you smile!”- Regan Canada


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at socialmedia@leonards.com

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