History Lesson: The Nineties!

This week I am happy to be writing about a decade I know very well. As a member of generation y, this decade is one I hold near and dear to my heart. I mean after all, this was the decade in which our beloved cell phones came into existence! And Friends! You can’t forget about those nineties sitcoms. But I digress! Most notably, the 1990’s was a decade that experienced incredible innovations in digital technology. It was a time that we at Leonard’s are very proud of. Below is a little timeline of some of our monumental moments of the nineties!


1990- Leonard’s installs our second full color printing press which allows us to print over 130 million full color copiers per year!


1992- Leonard’s purchases it’s first of two new long roll film scanners from Kodak. This scanner came with the ability to scan film with hundreds of images via the aid of a film drive. Unfortunately, it was delivered with the film drive inoperable! Our current President, Leonard Tucker Jr., wrote a script for the program in order to make it work. This gave Kodak the ability to place this and future models in dozens of labs across the U.S and aid in the birth of Digital photographic input. (Wow!)


1994- Leonard’s purchases it’s first of three 11 inch wide Digital printers from Kodak. This gave us the ability to print digital composites and streamline processes.


1996- Leonard’s purchases its first CTP (Computer to Plate) Platesetter. This device phased out the litho camera technology that was used for the past three decades.


1996- Conversion of yearbooks to computer design begins. Randy Sellers creates templates for panel flowing via a database and writes the Apple Script code to drive QuarkXPress page layout software.


1997- Leonard’s celebrates 50 years in School Photography!!


1999- Leonard’s purchases it’s first of two Print Package Lab systems for AGFA. This greatly streamlined our photographic lab with four main pieces of equipments:

1. Sun Server

2. The film edit station

3. Film printer with the ability to read film density and color for better accuracy

4. Photo Packaging System that had the ability to cut and insert photos per order into an envelope and apply customer labels.



I’d like to thank Randy Sellers, our Director of Operations, for all of his help with this week’s History Lesson. Check out some photos of our founders, Ruth and Leonard, in the nineties!





Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at socialmedia@leonards.com

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