History Lesson: The Fifties!

The 1950’s was a decade of economic growth. During the fifties there was an increase in manufacturing, large scale expansion and construction, and the emergence of the monumental Civil Rights Movement. It was also at this time that the American art movement gained worldwide influence and the rise of popular culture and mass media saw a boom in its following.


This was a huge decade for Leonard’s Photography as well! It was during this period that our founder, Leonard R. Tucker Sr., broke away from the family business, Tucker’s Studio, and started Leonard’s Photography. By 1951, Leonard’s was photographing school children from four different counties. (This was right around the same time that our President, Leonard R. Tucker Jr., was born!)






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One thought on “History Lesson: The Fifties!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love photos from the 1950’s and on back from that time period. That’s one big reason why I enjoy magazines like Reminisce and Good Old Days so much; I literally sit at the dining room table hunched over, studying old photos–peering into the past. I’m an eccentric, I guess; but I have a lot of fun!

    Thanks again!

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