Senior Spotlight: Frank Molock

Leonard’s is proud to announce that this week’s Senior Spotlight is Frank Forrest Molock IV of Fleming Island High School, the home of the Golden Eagles. This inspiring senior is one of nine children. He will be graduating with honor cords from the Academy of Television Production. He is extremely active in his school’s Television Station WGET. He is also active in his community. He enjoys spending his time helping at a local elementary school assisting them with their news show.


Frank has gained valuable work experience within the Marketing realm. He participated in a three week internship with a marketing firm in downtown Jacksonville. “It opened my eyes and made me realize that there are endless possibilities and life is what you make it,” says Frank. One of the major things he brings to his studies is his fresh mind. He has the ability to think quickly on his feet. He is also a fast learner.


One of the most influential people in Frank’s life has been his grandmother. Frank has three fingers on one hand and he says that usually sets him apart from others. “My grandmother has taught me that just because you’re not the same as everyone, or look like they do, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be or do anything you want to,” Frank says.


After graduation he plans on attending college and pursing a career in dentistry. This senior is really looking forward to his college experience. “I cannot wait to go to a new place and meet new people,” Frank says. The most challenging undertaking Frank has faced thus far has been defeating his learning disabilities enough to be able to take college level courses his junior year. When asked if a picture is worth a thousand words, Frank says, “A picture is really worth a thousand words because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Someone can describe a picture to you but you never get to fully experience it until you lay your own eyes on it!” We wish Frank all the best this year! We know he will go far!



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