Senior Spotlight: Cody Reilly

Cody is part of the Culinary Academy at his high School in which he will be receiving an award for participating in this program. This well versed senior speaks French, studies piano and trains in martial arts. He has obtained work experiences that have taught him various skills which have proved to be beneficial to him. Cody is also active in his community through his volunteer work with his local public library in Orange Park.

Cody was fortunate to have an extremely influential teacher during his time in high school, Mr. McNider. “He opened my eyes to history! Through him, I learned to ignore dates and facts and pay more attention to motives and reasoning.” When asked what unique experiences he brings to his studies, Cody says, “Past classes have given me unorthodox views on many of life’s granted qualities.”

Upon graduation, Cody will be attending the University of Northern Florida. He will be studying history. He is looking most forward to experiencing college life. His most challenging undertaking thus far has been high school itself. “People say that high school is a big change. The only way to live through it is to change as well,” Cody says. When asked if a picture is truly worth a thousand words, Cody answers with, “Definitely!” We wish Cody the best of luck during his senior year! We know he will go far!



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