Senior Focus: The New Facebook Album!

Last week’s Senior Focus Blog was dedicated to our new Senior Slide Show. As many of you know, the slide show is a bonus item added on to our top packages. It can be purchased separately. This week, I wanted to focus on another cool new bonus item: the Facebook Album! We are so excited to be offering this new product as a bonus item for our top three packages. What influenced this new product, you ask? Last year we offered Facebook tagging to our seniors. By mid-season, the photo tagging began to receive a tremendous amount of praise. In fact, we had such a high demand for photo posting/tagging that we decided we needed to figure out a way to incorporate the social media giant into our product catalog.


As of right now, the Facebook Album is a bonus item for our top three packages. It is comprised of all of the poses purchased in the package. We post all of the photos on our Facebook page in an album with the student’s name and graduation year. So far, we have posted quite a few albums and all of them have been extremely popular. Check out our Facebook page for examples! Below are some of the photos from the albums!






Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at

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