A Day in the Life of a Leonard’s Intern

For the past six weeks we have had the pleasure of hosting three interns from some of our local high schools. Jokingly, I asked them if they’d be interested in guest blogging and what do you know!??! Trace said yes!! We have really gotten to know these students and their hard work and dedication is definitely going to take them far. We wish them the best of luck for their senior year!


Check out Trace’s Blog!



“The day I don’t even know anymore. I am here working at Leonard’s Studio here in Saint Augustine, FL. This place is old on the outside but it is amazing on the in. The employers here have great attitudes towards the interns even though I know that they want to yell at us, but they don’t. I work in the Visual and Creative Marketing Department. This place is a dark cold room that is built off of your “creativity” and just how much you’d go through trying to make your dreams become real. We are like Disney, just less rides and you don’t have to pay to get in. We go through a lot in this room, you just don’t see it. But if you work here you’ll see what I am saying. I also work in the upstairs Photo Editing Department or what we call “The Lab.” If you thought of some dark and scary music you were right! Okay, no I am joking! It’s not bad at all. The ladies in there are very nice and it is easy to get along with everyone. If you like doing the same thing over and over again this is the place for you. The people are nice, the work is tedious. But all-n-all it’s an amazing place and you got to love the atmosphere at Leonard’s. This place is unique and I would never change a thing. This experience has taught me a lot about working in the real world. So, watch out ‘cause Trace Alahouzos will be knocking on your front door! *scary music*


-Created and written by yours truly Kenneth Trace Alahouzos”



Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at socialmedia@leonards.com

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