Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know the Leonard’s Team!

This week I got to interview one of our awesome photographers, Lindsey McKinnon!! I have had the pleasure of working with Lindsey on several occasions. She is an integral part of our Saint Augustine team of photographers. She photographs students of all ages and during our senior season she specializes in Senior Formals. We are so lucky to have such incredible photographers!


Check out our full interview!



 1.      Which department do you work in?

I am a Fall, Spring and Senior Photographer.


2.      What are some of your daily tasks?

To be punctual, flexible, organized, accountable and professional; but most importantly, to be a consistently awesome photographer!


3.      Here at Leonard’s we capture memories! What is one memory you are glad you captured through photography?

I spent a few minutes with a third grade boy who had recently lost his leg and hair to cancer. He has such an enamoring personality and made our few moments taking his photo special. His spark brought tears to my eyes. The following year I was reassigned his school and immediately recognized him as he walked towards me using his new leg and smiled with a now full head of hair!! The warmth my heart felt at that moment was one I will never forget.


4.      What are three words that best describe you?

Creative, Confident and Funny


5.      Do you have any special talents?

I am an artist. I am always painting and drawing, taking commissions, making gifts and beautifying spaces!


6.      If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Realistically, there is not anything I could not learn to do. Unrealistically, I would like to learn to breathe under water without a breathing apparatus and fly without wings.


7.      If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who would it be?

I’d like to meet my grandmother, Gloria Haylock, who passed away before I was born. I am told frequently how alike we are, both physically and personally.


8.      What is the best part of waking up?

Waking up to my amazing family and beautiful home and taking in the warmth throughout.


9.      Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Trick questions!?!?! Absolutely! Pictures create a time and space that tells a story better than a book can because there aren’t any language barriers involved.


(Lindsey was one of our models for our Spring flyers!)


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at socialmedia@leonards.com


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