Senior Focus: Proofing Options with Leonard’s!

Now that we have photographed a good portion of our seniors, we are starting the get questions about proofs! At your photo session you will select your proofing option and three to four weeks after your appointment you will receive your proof packet! In the proof packet there will be  a product catalog and the web order number that gives you the ability to view all of your proofs online. If you ordered a proof book or portfolio, they will arrive at this time as well. Here are the proofing options offered by Leonard’s!

Online Proofing


This is a FREE proofing option offered by Leonard’s. Seniors can view their proofs online using the web order number provided by Leonard’s. This option will be available to everyone.


Proof Book

This is a book that shows all of your poses taken during your session. You can also use the book to order from. Please note that the photos are not retouched.



Deluxe Portfolio

A leatherette portfolio that will hold eight 3×5’s. All previews will be sent with the portfolio. Parents can then choose which images they would like to put into the portfolio. Previews are not retouched.

I hope everyone found this super helpful! Happy Tuesday!


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at

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