History Lesson: Throwback Thursday

I thought I would write something a little different today! I am going to focus on one of the first successful color materials used in photography: Kodachrome. Eastman Kodak introduced this type of multi-layered color reversal film in 1936. Kodachrome was developed during the early 30’s by two scientists. It was first used in motion pictures until it was then manufactured for smaller movie film and cameras. It was praised for its storage longevity. Kodachrome is now known for being the oldest surviving brand of color film. It was manufactured up until 2009 when it was discontinued.


Pretty cool, huh? Happy Thursday!




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2 thoughts on “History Lesson: Throwback Thursday

  1. I used to work with Kodachrome a long time ago. Around 2005, it had to be sent from Belgium to Switzerland for processing; it took about 4 weeks before getting the slides back.

    But I still keep a very good memory of Kodachrome 25 and 64. I kept 2 rolls of K25 and every time see them, I think back of the ‘good old’ days of analog photography.

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