Senior Style Guide!

Hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! It is certainly flying by. Anyways, this upcoming week we will be at another Kick Off and then we start shooting the following week. Since we will start shooting senior photos so soon, I figured everyone could use a few tips from our really awesome senior style guides. It is important to remember that the main goal of your senior photo session is to capture your personality and style. So, just be you!

Guys,  here are a few tips for various styles!


If you have a more athletic style, try a polo and soft layers. Don’t be afraid to wear a classic jersey or your favorite sports paraphernalia!


If you’ve got a preppy look, go for a more natural palette. Layer some collared shirts and accessorize with soft leather. Boat shoes are a must!

Tailored Chic:

Try rolled up slacks, a fun bow-tie and jacket. Cardigans work well too! Layer with funky t-shirts and fitted jeans.


Ladies, here are a few tips for you!


If you want to go for a trendy look, try layering different pieces with pops of color. Fun jewelry and unique accessories are a must! Skinny jeans, vintage t’s and other casual pieces are awesome as well!


If you have a more glamorous sense of style you will want to find modern dresses with chic heels and wedges. Don’t be afraid of mixing it up with retro jackets, fashion jewelry and even red lipstick!


If you are super feminine and boho fabulous, you will want to try billowy tops and dresses cinched with belts. Floral patterns, layers of natural fabrics, boots and wedges all tie into this look!


Hope this was helpful! Let us know about your own style tips! (And for those of you riding out the storm, stay safe!)



For the full style guide, check out our website!


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at

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