Weekly Recap!

Happy Friday all! This was another busy week for the Leonard’s team. So much was going on so I must apologize ahead of time for the lengthy post! I received an awesome customer service call yesterday that I must share before I go into our recap. A parent called to thank us for making her day. After graciously accepting the wonder compliment, I asked her how we made her day. She told me that when she went to our new website, www.leonards.com, to order her son’s senior photos, she saw his photo on the site! She was ecstatic, almost to the point of tears. She told me how happy she was to see his amazing photos and that she was touched that we chose his portrait for our new website. Little did she know, she really made my day too. I love receiving these calls!

(I know you are all wondering how her son ended up on our website. At the senior photo shoots we always offer our seniors the option of filling out one of the model release forms. This requires a parent’s signature of approval, unless the senior is already eighteen. Once the form has been completely filled out and turned it, the photos can be used by Leonard’s in a number of ways.)

Well, here is our recap! Hope you all have a great Friday. We have another prom-filled weekend and I will be blogging throughout.


First Monthly Newsletter!

We are so proud of the newsletter. This will be a great way for us to reach out to our customers and stay connected. If you missed it, here is the link:



Earth Week

In honor of Earth Week, we changed our logo and posted our contributions to Mother Earth on our website. Check out our Senior Focus feature for some Earth Week inspired senior photos!




Lab Training

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Debbie Bates in the lab for a little one on one lesson. Debbie is the supervisor of photographic printing and digital editing. Needless to say, she is a wealth of knowledge! Since I will be writing an article on our awesome lab for next month’s newsletter, I thought it would be a good idea to spend time in the lab learning as much as I can. My mind was literally blown today. Can’t wait to share it all with you!


History Lesson

Yesterday I posted our weekly history lesson. I have to admit, it is probably my favorite thus far. I am so lucky to work for a company with such a rich history. It doesn’t hurt that they are all photographers! I have pictures from each decade. If you missed it, please check it out!!!




J’Adore Paris!

Today we welcome Claudia home from her week  in Paris! I was only able to get my hands on a few of her photos. Below is my favorite! (Probably because of the way instagram adds a hipster feel to everything)


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at socialmedia@leonards.com

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