Weekly Recap!


This was yet another very busy week for us here at Leonard’s! We have all spent our week gearing up for some awesome upcoming proms, graduations, Senior Kick-Offs, and our Class of 2013 senior shoots. Here is a quick recap of this week:


  Paws in the Sand


We are still so proud of our team! We are currently looking for our next charity or fundraising event. There are so many great causes out there. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know! (We were also finally able to get a good team photo. Thanks Ralph!)

Employee Spotlight

This week I interviewed Stacey for our weekly Employee Spotlight feature. If you guys missed it, please check it out! http://bit.ly/HVRhbM

G5 in the Building!

 Little George the Fifth is spending the day with us at Leonard’s! He represents the fifth generation of Leonard’s photography. (Not only that, he is just too adorable for words.) We had little G5 proofing some yearbooks this afternoon.

Check out his mini photo shoot:

I feel as though it would be safe to say that next week is going to be AMAZING, busy but definitely amazing! We have our first Senior Kick-Off at Pine View High School next Friday. We are all very excited for this upcoming senior season! There are also tons of proms next weekend.

 Tonight is Umatilla High School’s prom! Have a fun and safe time guys! Be sure to check out your event photos. They should be available within the next week.

 Well, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! I will be posting a special prom feature tomorrow from (hopefully) sunny south Florida!


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at socialmedia@leonards.com

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