Leonard’s had a successful day at the Paws in The Sand Walk-a-Thon!

This past Saturday our team of employees from Leonard’s participated in the First Annual Paws in the Sand Walk-a-Thon  on Butler Beach! The Walk-a-Thon was an event hosted by the St. Augustine Humane Society and The Society for Advancement of Management from Flagler College. The primary focus of this fundraiser was to raise awareness for the prevention of pet overpopulation and the prevention of pet euthanasia. All proceeds from the event went to theSt.Augustine Humane Society, where all funding comes from individual donors and private companies since they receive no government funding. With thirty-nine teams participating, the overall total of funds raised was around $6,000. Our team donated just over $120! Even though it was a cloudy day, we still had an awesome time helping with this fantastic fundraiser!

Meet our Team!

Stacey and Thor:

“Thor and I had a great time at the Paws in the Sand Walk-a-Thon this weekend! We were so happy to go out and support such a great cause. Thor could have easily been a shelter but he ended up living the privileged life with me instead! I really hope this becomes an annual event.”-Stacey

Ali and Molly/Reggie:

“Molly is a pitbull my husband and I rescued almost two years ago from the Humane Society. She was just shy of four months old, the unwanted runt of her litter and just skin and bones. Her amber brown eyes melted my heart. I knew we had to save her! She has blossomed into a stunning beauty and her kind soul shines through those eyes. Reggie is a pitbull mix we rescued a few days after this past Christmas. He is a breath of fresh air and is extremely loveable. We love them more than anything and we are truly blessed to have them in our family. Our experience at the Walk-a-Thon was incredible. It was an amazing feeling to contribute to such an amazing cause.”-Ali

Linda and Kinsey:

“I had applied to adopt an older dog from Great Rescue. They asked me to foster Kinsey after she had been abandoned in the Green Cove Springs area in January. She soon came to stay with me and I formally adopted her on February 13th. Kinsey is about a year and a half. She is extremely energetic, playful and loving. She did very well throughout the whole Walk-a-Thon, although she probably thought it was more of a Chase-the-Birds-A-thon! Overall, we had a wonderful time while raising money for a great cause!”-Linda

Regan and Cameron:

“It was really great to be part of this event; I have always had a soft spot for animals and try to do as much as I can to help. Unfortunately, I do not have the space for a dog of my own and I was very happy to assist my friends with their dogs. There were a lot of cute puppies there and I had a hard time not adopting all of them! This event raised a lot of much needed money for our humane society and it was so nice to see everyone out there supporting this cause.” -Regan

Here is a photo of our team from the Paws in the Sand Walk-a-thon.



Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at socialmedia@leonards.com

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